Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm SO excited!!! I now have THREE things up on Whoopdwhoop!! Two of them, I added tonight, than's to Sarah at Sew Very Happy. Since she liked my little Love Notes book, I made a few more. I technically made 3, but one of them turned out not so fantastic. Also, I made my first whoopdwhoop purchase or swap, whatever you wanna call it. There are LOTS of things I wanted, but I went practical and got something I can use first.

Wanna see what I posted?

What's that you ask? Why does the print look familiar? Oh yeah, it's because I have it offered here on my blog! And that brings me to some very exciting news! I will very soon be selling a whole bunch of different temple prints at ctr-ring.com!! Like, tomorrow soon!! There will be 9 temples, 15 colors, and 45 font combinations to choose from! AND..... it's affordable. YUP! Can you believe it?!?!


I just used this same print to make some cute Scrabble Tile Necklaces. Ok, well, I've printed them and tomorrow a friend and I are making the actual necklaces to give to my Young Women at New Beginnings. BUT! I put these pre-sized in my Etsy shop!! You pick whatever color (or combination of colors) you'd like and you get a page of 110 little pictures to print! They look like this:

And they're only $2.00 a sheet. Pretty good, in my opinion! That makes them like, $.18 each!

What else would you like to see on Scrabble Tile Necklaces?

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