Saturday, February 5, 2011

Retro Game Time

So, it's time to turn in Round 3 of the Designer Darling at Stuff to Scrap. This time, we were given a couple of pictures and were told to take our inspiration from there. Now, I am not normal, so I hope mine flies. The focus of the pictures were these yummy looking peaches. Which got THIS:

stuck in my head. But I didn't want to go that route. So the SECOND thing to pop in my head was Princess Peach. So hubby and I got out the Super Nintendo and started playing Super Mario Brothers. Which, by the way, doesn't even have Princess Peach in it. At least, not the first 2 worlds. But there is yoshi! I took a lot of my pattern ideas directly from the game, but Princified it. :D

Here is what my full kit looks like:

and here is what I made for you!! Click the image to start the download.


  1. Cute kit, like your theme, good luck in the contest.

  2. You are awesome! I'm a huge Mario fan and I'm totally in love with this kit. Will you offer it for free or is there somewhere I will be able to buy it?

  3. It will be available one way or the other once the competition is over. Not sure when everything's going down. Week by week for now..... :D So glad you like it!!

  4. Fabulous!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work! xxx

  5. what a fun kit, thanks so much


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