Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthdays are Magic!!

What?! 2 birthday posts in a row? Yes. Because my boys are on week shy of being 4 years apart. I only do parties every 4 years, but this means EVERY time the boys have their parties, they will be this close together! Luckily, Xander's party was much easier to do. He wanted a magician to come. Also, his party colors were the same as Vaughn's. The big box of 24 disappearing inks were used for both parties. So, this is what we did:

I made some simple invitations
 Rearranged the crepe paper & made a new banner:
Made 14 top hats without a tutorial. I think there is no tut because they really aren't too difficult.  I'll do a for real tutorial later.
We set up 5 stations. I only have pictures of 2 of them.

At the first station, I taught the kids a couple money magic tricks I found on Pinterest. I'll post links later tonight. The kids thought that was cool. Then I split the kids up. We had 11 kids come (plus the birthday boy), so there were 3 groups of 4. 

The second station, Roger was in charge of. He did the potions "class" that we did at Vaughn's party with the cups and spoons. Check out my last post for details.

The third station, which I was managing as well, was called Yummy War. I knew I wanted a card game, but didn't have time to learn any new ones so we played war. Winner got candy. They all got candy, though, so no worries! 

The last two stations were the favorites!

The fourth one was the top hats. They had markers, crayons, and cutouts/glue that they could decorate their hats with. They thought that was pretty cool!!

The last station was a photo booth. This is actually a wedding reception trend, but I could not resist the idea of having mustaches on sticks!!!!

Here are a few of the poses!

THe backdrop was a roll of paper from the dollar store. I found a thrift store frame. We had a lot of fun with these.

Once everybody had completed all their stations, they picked up their goody bags

Then Xander opened his presents (while all the kids played with their whoopee cushions......). He got some sweet stuff! And some money, too. We were very blessed by his gifts this year!!

The kids went outside to play for about 5 minutes until the magician came and set up. Then all the siblings were invited to join as well as some of our friends of various ages. The magician was AWESOME!!!

We had magical fun!!!

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