Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hours of kid fun!

I cannot take credit for this project. Nor can I say, "Hey, I found this on Pinterest." No, no. This was 100% my children. They thought it, they made it, they asked permission to use the materials, and they play with it. I repeat ALL CREDIT GOES TO MY KIDS.

What is this fantastically free, easy to do project that has given my children 2 days (so far) of entertainment? Cardboard laptops. Yup. That's it. Cut out a rectangle, fold it, and hand over the permanent markers!

Do yourself a favor and try to see what my darling kiddos have written as their favorite laptops (Juliana wrote Vaughn's). They even made mouses for their computers!

 They informed me that the ones on the left are games (Cats and dogs, "cer bers"- Care Bears, "Hary Potr"- Harry Potter) Then there are the four sizes of dogs to choose from during the one game. 
The middle section is Netflix. cats and dogs, scooby doo, super heros (Sopr Hyro), Spidr Man, bath man, cars and cities, my little pony, dog and popy (?), Spas bogs (Space dogs).
The section on the right is the Toy Shop. I can't tell if that is a section to shop in or games. Who knows. 

This one is Juliana's. She's the one who came up with the idea AND made hers and Vaughn's. I am SO impressed with her creativity!! Far right, top, is a bank account. According to Bean, if you click on the numbers it gives you MORE money. I think the top middle is supposed to be facebook. She also said something about clicking on stuff to make more stuff pop up. You can't see it, but she also drew a camera on the back. :D

This is Xander's. His makes me laugh. He included Pinterest and Pottermore. Fish Games is supposed to be Big Fish Games. He liked the idea of Angry Birds, but thought it would be clever to have Angry Pigs instead. He also has a place to buy movie tickets, Netflix, AND another place for movies. He has included Facebook and Twitter (How does he know about Twitter?). 

I love these kids and their smartypants-ness!!!!!

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  1. Well, how could the children be anything other than creative with a mum like you?


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