Sunday, June 10, 2012


So, you know those blog posts about those fabulous parties that some moms throw for their kids where they go ALL crazy out and make everyone else in the universe ooh and ahh? Yeah, they don't tell you how much TIME is spend doing those parties. I decided to be "that mom" since my kids only get birthday parties every 4 years. And, I'm a glutton for punishment. My boys are turning 4 and 8 this year. A week apart from each other. Vaughn is having a Harry Potter party this Saturday. Xander is having a magic party the Saturday after that. SOOOOOO..... for the past month, I've been working on these parties and STILL, this week is crunch week #1.

Here is what I have done so far:


I learned something here. For the wax seals, I used old scentsy that had not much smell left in them. I stamped them with a rubberstamp. I was so excited to deliver them and everyone was home except for 2 people. One day when I was out and about, I decided to take them with me and deliver on my way home. So these two invitations with wax seals sat in a bag in my hot car. What happens to wax in the heat? Oh yes. They melt. BUT it did not ruin the invitations. As a matter of fact, those may have been the coolest invitations BECAUSE- I turned them into vellum!!!! Yup. THe paper was then transparent (and smelled yummy). Pretty cool, eh?

I also have  the wands all made. I've made all the BASES of the boxes, but still need to finish the lids and label all of them:

To make these, I used dowels, put designs on them with hot glue and then handpainted each one while I watched Edward Scissorhands for the first time. The boxes are made out of paper grocery bags.

I also made this troll. We're going to play pin the club on the troll:

Also, I don't have pictures yet, but I have also made chocolate frogs & troll bogies (playdough), designed lables for chocolate frogs, every flavor  beans, troll bogies, and invisible ink.

Still to do:
Finish wand boxes
Make Platform 9 3/4 (a sheet painted like brick)
Get labels printed
Decide how to set up Ollivander's
Figure out cake
Buy last minute stuff (cups, spoons, cream soda, streamers, ice cream, tablecloth)
Make sorting hat
Put goody bags together

Yup, busy week! Then the next week it is finishing Xander's MAGIC party. Luckily I've hired a magician for that one, so I'm not NEARLY as stressed


  1. I bet if we lived closer, you would throw me my own Harry Potter party, huh? ;)

    This is so clever and OMG you're making a sorting hat!!! Are you going to have all four houses?

    1. YOu need to plan on coming out to Utah in October. We're having an adult one then!!!

      And I'm only doing Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw because Xander and Juliana are going to be my Prefects.

  2. P.S. Did you like Edward Scissorhands?

    1. It was definitely Tim Burton. While it wasn't one of my favorites (I did love Alice in Wonderland!), it was still pretty good.

  3. Please adopt me. My friend made a snitch cake.


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