Friday, June 24, 2011

the Desire to Craft vs the Desire to Sleep

So, I'm finally past the really sicky sick part of pregnancy and my brain wants to get up and do all the crafty things I have in my head to do..... but the body part of me protests and begs for resting, sleep, and TV. So, in hopes to inspire myself, here are some things I'd really like to do:

Mason Jar "sippy cups" found on Two Shades of Pink

Angry Birds Water Balloons, found on No Time for Flashcards (ok, so really I want to do 90% of the stuff on that site)

These paints look fun, too! They are found on "Mom's Crafty Space" and I love that her kid's name is Sawyer, since if this one is a boy, that will be his name as well!

I also need to get cracking on Halloween Costumes. Here is what I want for Juliana, found on Craftster:

And Xander wants to be Yoda. There is a tutorial on Craftzine on how to make a costume, but I"ll have to make it bigger (since he's SEVEN today!!!!)
No clue yet on how to make an R2D2 costume for Vaughnman, a Padme costume for me, and probably a Chewy one for the hubster.

Now, can I veg?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fun weekend!!- part 3

After our fun Goblin Valley and Green Riverness, we decided to take the long way home and revisit Ephriam (where Roger and I met, fell in love, and lived for the first year of our marriage). We said goodbye to our other friends, passed Heather and Jordan (who didn't even notice us), and headed south. There will be writing after the first few pictures. Just FYI.
We had been in the car for HOURS, so we decided to stop at Manti and take a looksie at the temple grounds before the next 15 min to Ephraim. Ok, so  really it was so I could get more shots to add to the prints I have available on (though there's not a picture up, hmmmm).

Let me know what you think of the pics, k? So I know which ones to submit for sale and which ones to put on my etsy shop.

I only got a couple pictures of Ephraim because I was crying way, WAY too hard. I didn't think it would affect me the way it did when we pulled up in front of where the Happy House used to be and saw just field. I tried to describe to my kids that the Happy House was where Mommy and Daddy met (a long conversation of "hey".) It was where Mommy and Daddy got to know each other, played cards, Sardines, watched movies.... Where Mommy and Daddy had their first kiss. Where we almost broke up but decided instead to give it a REAL shot. Where we made friends that we knew would last a lifetime and a love for each other that would last for eternity.

To add to my memory pain, we drove by Fern Young Hall (where I lived). While we had lived in Ephraim, they converted that dorm into office buildings. The building was still there, but all windows were gone- they were doing SOMEthing....

Fun weekend!!- part 2

On day 2 of our camping trip, we went to Green River. Much fun. We rode with Heather and Jordan (check out their adoption blog here- they are seriously the cutest ever!!) Anyway, I know you'd rather just look at pictures, so here you go!

So, when we first got to Goblin Valley, Xander was over the moon excited because "THEY LOOK LIKE PIT DROIDS!!!!!!!"  I wondered what a pit droid was, so I looked it up when I got home. Here you go.
 Here are my kids:
 This is Goblin Valley, or Pit Droid Valley, whichever you prefer.
 I'm sorry. I just can't help myself.
 Hey look, Jordan and Heather- who we hung out with the most while at GV
 My cute little family
 All of us (with sun in our eyes, can you tell?)

 I <3 them!
 Oh hey, Heather and Jordan again, before they went that way.
 How did we find the rest of our group? Oh yeah, try to find Cole on high up places. It's failproof.
 What can I say, she's adorable! And I <3 her haircut!
 This is Todd's family.
 And a lizard. I think Xander was secretly disappointed that we didn't see any scorpions. And I KNOW he was disappointed that he never caught a lizard.
 Here's Cole almost dying (again)
Our personal journey home in the next post

Fun weekend!!- part 1

Last week we went camping with the Happy House crew. What's a happy house crew, you ask? The Happy House was a house in Ephraim that was old and crazy. A bunch of awesome boys lived there (I'm a little biased since Roger lived there). Unfortunately, the Happy House is gone now. It has been gone for a while now, but I didn't face the fact until Saturday when we drove by. ANYWAY- so a Happy House boy is one who lived there. The rest of us, you could call us groupies, but we prefer the term crew. :D Seriously, these boys were so cool that there were plenty of us who hung out there a ton, even if we didn't marry one of the residents. :D

We decided to camp in Green River- I had no idea HOW tiny and podunk Green River was until we tried to find swimsuits (Am I right, Heather?!). The KOA we stayed at was super nice (and had a yummy free breakfast).

 Just because of this picture, I really, REALLY wish I was creative enough for some funny captions.

Next post- Goblin Valley