Friday, February 29, 2008

File Folder Games Part II

I made some more today. This time I got creative and just googled images. Now, with that being said, these (and the ones I made yesterday) are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please! :D

The nice thing is how many images you have at your fingertips. ripped books? coloring books? Use 'em. Scan 'em, cut them, whatever you like!!

So w/out further ado, here is a preview of the 3 games, then the downloads.

Download PrincessMatchColor.pdf
Download PrincessMatch2.pdf

Download PrincessMatch3.pdf

Download PrincessMatch4.pdf

Use the same princesses on the Princess match game

Download PrincessFriend1.pdf

Download PrincessFriend2.pdf

Download DisneyDaddy1.pdf

Download DisneyDaddy2.pdf

Download DisneyDaddy3.pdf

Download DisneyDaddy4.pdf

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free File Folder Games

So I got bored today (I'm staying at my mom's for the night) and decided to MAKE some file folder games. Not search them out on the internet and print them, but open photoshop elements and MAKE them. So I thought I'd share!!! I'm just posting the pictures of one page each. If it downloads/prints by clicking on them, great. If not, I'll link you to the actual download spot.
Download EggCountInstructions.pdf

Download EggCount1.pdf

Download EggCount1color.pdf

Download EggCount2.pdf   Download EggCount2color.pdf

Download EggCount3.pdf

Download EggCount3color.pdf

Download FruitVeg1.pdf

Download FruitVeg1color.pdf

Download FruitVeg2.pdf

Download FruitVeg2color.pdf

Download FruitVeg3.pdf

Download FruitVeg4.pdf

Download HalfPage1.pdf

Download HalfPage1color.pdf

Download HalfPage2.pdf

Download HalfPage2color.pdf

Sorry, no pic for that one. You just match the halves

Download Healthy1.pdf

Download Healthy2.pdf

Download Healthy3.pdf

Download Healthy3color.pdf

Download Healthy4.pdf

Download Healthy4color.pdf

Download SizeAnswerBox1.pdf

Download SizeAnswerBox2.pdf

Download SizePage1.pdf

Download SizePage1color.pdf

Download SizePage2.pdf

Download SizePage2color.pdf

I hope you enjoy (on the instructions pages, just click the picture then right click to save as once it's big). And to give credit where credit is due: Graphics are from, photoshop elements, and a couple by me.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Look! A tutorial!

So I got bored this morning. And sitting next to me was an entire bag of empty film canisters. I was talking to a friend and she suggested making easter baskets w/ yarn and starch. I didn't have any starch, so I made film canister baskets. They are a little *different* but cute none the less!

Here is the FINISHED product (complete w/ the toys for my son's basket,
but not yet w/ candy, which will go IN the film canisters)

First, glue together empty film canisters (I did 8 on the long sides and 3 on the short)

Next, hot glue a paper bag or piece of cardboard to the bottom of the canisters

I made my own ribbon (the brown is from an old pair of khakis) and then used regular ribbon on top

Embellish however. Fill the middle w/ toys and the canisters w/ candy! Enjoy!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ok, can I tell you HOW happy I am to have my camera right now? WHEW!
So First up: Here are some cans I recovered (peach cans, to be exacts) w/ some fabric, ribbon, and  trim. Cute, eh?

Next: My big project yesterday and the day before: FILE FOLDER GAMES. I found a free website called and they have a ton of free printable folder games. I just wish I had called my sister RIGHT when I found them instead of coloring 20 shamrocks, 20 butterflies, 20 pirate ships, 20 scarecrows and more, cutting them all out and laminating half of them BEFORE she suggested laminating them w/ the magnets INSIDE. The ones after that worked great. The ones before that... I can't get the magnets to stay on the laminate. I feel like i wasted so much work! I tried the fact that the magnets are

sticky- no go. I tried rubber cement- no go. I tried hot glue- absolute no go. Yeah, so I just don't even know what to do.

Next picture is of some clothespin dolls that my 10 yr old niece made. She saw mine and got really excited, so she made some today

This last picture is what happens when one WANTS to put a shelf up (and has started on it) but can do nothing else until her hubby gets home. Hehehehehe

TWO challenges!!!

Ok, I am doing TWO challenges this week.

1) This week we're focusing on activities for the autistic. More specifically, things they can do at church, in the car, waiting rooms, etc. So this week we need your ideas, pictures, examples, etc. Be expecting uploads from me as well.

2) Our second challenge is FILM CANISTERS!!! I have a gajillion of them. Craftster had a few really good ideas and I"ll try some of them, but even if I try every idea on there, I'll still have like 50 left over

GOOD LUCK! ANd report back!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can you Can Can?

Ok, so Monday night I turned some big peach cans into some WAY cute storage containers. And of course I took pictures. Then last night we went to my mom's for the night and I *gasp* left my camera there. SO I"m in a wee bit of a panic that I can't show you my cans right now, but tomorrow I'll get the camera back.

So I want to see what you do w/ recycled cans.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tea Set

Ok, so I was asked to make a tea set for a VERY sweet friend of mine and I finally finished it today, JUST in time to use it in a photo shoot. Of course, then I delivered it and didn't ever really take pictures JUST of the tea set. So here are a couple of cute pics of Kylie using it

I can't take credit for coming up w/ the design, heaven's no! It is from a book. Toys to Sew by Claire Garland. It's a beautiful book and I LOVE it and eventually want to try most of the projects in it. Here's a sneak peak:

So that's what I've been crafting!!! Your turn!

Friday, February 15, 2008

First photo shoot

in a while anyway. Here are my favorites!!

 I think I fixed the link, thanks Jeanette for the heads up!

Also, I made some clothespin dolls for St. Patty's. It's the set of 4 for $5. They are hand painted with LOTS of detail!!

I also started practicing some Marble Magnets. I need to get some marbles that are more clear and the magnets themselves, and then I'll make more to sell.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yeah, figures.

   So today did NOT go as planned. The plan for the day;
clean my house
dutifully wait for hunny to get home from work promptly at 6:15
pick up some freecylce stuff......
yeah. Right.

What REALLY happened? you ask. Well. First let me start the day off right. Woke up to BEAUTIFUL weather (like the day before). I could finally see my ENTIRE front lawn (yes it's still there) for the first time this year. The snow had FINALLY all melted. Every last bit. (ok, in my front yard, not my back). I take a nice shower, get the kids ready, and my friend Rachel comes over to pick us up so we could go to story time at the library. I put light jackets on my kids because, hey, it's like 58*! We go enjoy the story. During story time, Rachel gets a call and finds out she needs to be in Sandy (45 min away on the other side of the mtn) by 1:00. Story time ends at 11:30. We come to my house, grab a couple extra diapers, my purse, and some lunch. FIll up w/ gas and head out. We make it to her appt, we're there for about 30 min.

I've been wanting to make sock puppets forever. The library here does not have any recent books, so I decide to check my old library, next to my parents house. So we go to that library. I love that I can browse. I'm so happy that they took a fine away (they said I still had the book when I remembered turning it in- it was on the shelf). I find a few books, one for each of the kids, we check out and get in the car. My mom called and said she had some hand me downs from my niece that are so cute, so we head over there and pick them up. Then we head back here to Tooele......

10 minutes out, Rachel goes, "DO YOU SEE THAT?" So I'm looking out the window as she starts to pull over. She said, "no that!" and pointed to the steering wheel.. there is smoke POURING out of it!! At this point, it's starting to snow outside. So we pull all the kids out of the car, lest it should burst into flames. Rachel pops the hood and calls her hubby while I huddle 3 barely bundled kids together around me. This snow happens to be the windy, wet kind. Yeah, not fun. Well, with the car turned off, the smoke goes away, so we get back in. Thank goodness for the library books we just got!
Rachel gets back into the car, hands me the phone and says, "you tell him where we're at!" Apparently her hubby was being a butt. So I told him where we were (kinda why I was there in the first place, for navigation). Then we sit and wait. 10-20 min later, she calls her hubby again to see how far he's come (he will take 30 min appx to get there on regular weather days). She finds out that he's coming in a truck w/ another adult.... how that's going to fit 3 carseats and 2 adults? So I call my dad, since he's closer, and tell him a charming story about how he really just wants an adventure. He agreed to come get us.
Meanwhile, weather is getting worse and worse. Dad gets there, a state trooper right behind him, and Rachel's hubby tailing the trio. State trooper was wondering if this was the little old lady that slid off the road he'd gotten a call about. We said no and sent him on his way. Dad and I take off once we see Rachy and Gavin safely in the truck.

Once we get back to mom and dad's, I call Roger (by this time it's 4:00) and tell him he really should head home soon before traffic hits. He says, ok let me finish this. Then he calls back 30 min later and says someone else asked him to do something .So he did. He leaves at 5:15. Keep in mind, that his work is only 25 miles away from my parents house.... 7:25 he finally walks in the door. Yeah. Traffic and weather both are TERRIBLE!

We leave my parents house about 8:30, fully expecting a 2 hr drive (normally 45 min). It only took us an hour. We call dad as we turn onto our street and say we're safely home. We pull into our drive..... we're stuck. Half in the road, half in teh driveway. There is, I kid you not, a FOOT of snow!!!! So Roger shovels enough that we can get into the driveway, then he shovels the walk.

I emailed the freecycle people and hope they are sympathetic, considering the entire northern part of the state is STILL stuck in traffic. No,really, Roger's brother called us and told us how bad it is on his end of the freeway. 3 1/2 hrs to go between 2-10 miles. No joke.

And then I realize one thing. The sock monkey book I wanted to check out.... I forgot to even look for!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sock Monkeys

I'm getting a bag of mismatched socks from free-cycle tomorrow and I'm so excited. I've been eyeing sock monkeys now for about 6 months. I finally feel like I"m ready to try it. I found a book, actually checked it out from the library, about socks and gloves. Naturally, that week all the pairs showed up in the laundry. Then I took it back to the library, and the dryer monster ate half the socks. Go figure. So this time, I'm doing it. I'll search craftster for some tut's and link them here. Any tips would be appreciated and I'd LOVE to see your pics on flickr! Link here in your comments!

Monday, February 11, 2008

The right toy

First let me start off by saying that I studied daycare (long enough to know that I could never do it as a career). My favorite lesson was on "centers" where there is a math center, a learning center, a make-believe center, etc. 

It made me think about my future house and how I know that I'd never have enough room (or money) for centers in the home. But I still remembered the point of it all.... kids should be learning while they play (even if it's not "lesson" learning). Blocks, costumes, everything is learning to a child.

Which brings me to my question. My son's 4th birthday is in June. If you could have any "toy" or any one thing for the home for a 4 year old to play with, no matter the cost, just as long as it fits in one small room of the house, what would it be and why?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Have a cupcakey day!!

Last night, I made some finger puppets for Xander to take to church today. Simple, yet cute. I got the ideas from Flickr, of course.

Today, we decided to do as much w/out the TV as possible. We decided since it's Sunday, we should do our best to keep the Sabbath holy and to spend family time together. Roger had the idea of decorating cupcakes. We had SO much fun. Keep in mind a few things:
1. My kids are 2 and 3
2. We kept the icing runnier than normal for easy use
3. We didn't use any decorating bags or anything like that. Just our hands and some flat knives.
Here are our creations!!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun! I expect cupcake pics to be popping up on Flickr! LOL. No pressure. :D

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Less than an hour

I made this robot for my son for Valentine's Day. I needed a project to fill the time. I'm still fairly new at this, so he's not the cutest robot ever, but I like 'im!

It took me about 45 min to do this. If you have posts of robots, felt things, or valentine's you made for your kids, i wanna see 'em on Flickr!!! And you can link to them on comments if you'd like!

I was tagged

And you don't know HOW big of an honor that is to me!!! I got so excited, I told DH.... who knows nothing of blogging, so I had to explain it to him.

I was tagged by Auntie Shabby who puts me to shame in her yarn endeavors. Thanks for the tag!
So here goes:

7 things about me

1. I used to watch WWF (before it was WWE and just about the time NWO joined the ranks). I still adore The Rock and still shudder when I see Vince MacMahon (anybody else see that episode of Celebrity Apprentice.... yick).

2. I'm lazy. You may know that already, but man, the effort it takes me to get up and do something is more than it ever should be. I can currently blame pregnancy hormones, but that excuse runs out in August. (when I'll have a 2 month old). My dream is to be able to hire a housekeeper.

3. I have learned to crochet.... twice. And need to learn again.

4. Orange is my favorite color. However, that does NOT mean it looks good in my kitchen. And perhaps OTHER oranges would look good, but not traffic cone orange.

5. When I was in High School, I was in Jr. Miss. For the fitness routine, we had to do a coffee grinder. I beam with pride every time I see my son attempt one, now!

6. We get a lot of our names for our children from TV. Xander (Buffy) is the first one. Juliana was just random and pretty, but for this baby, if it's a boy, he'll be named Vaughn (Alias). If it's a girl, her name will be Evangaline (the actress who plays Kate in Lost).

7. I can claim that I know 7 languages. They are as follows: English (duh), Spanish (took a total of 4 yrs), American Sign Language (still learning), Pig-Latin (ok, it may be made up, but hey, I know it), Italian (just because my knowledge of it is limited to sentences like, "the door is made of soup" and anything else I've learned from Space Ghost), French (I can say like 5 words in French!), and German (I can count to ten, say thanks, and say good night, my lady). So I'm only fluent in one, fairly decent in 3, and the rest I just say to make me sound smart.

For those I'm tagging next:
1. Jeanette at Keep me in Stitches
2. Jennifer at Swallowfield (her wreath inspired mine and I still just LOVE it)
3. Kizzie (sorry for the repeat)
4. Raini (she has some great food storage stuff on her blog!)
5.  Stephanie (she used to be my designer when I did digi-scrapping and she's just awesome)
6. Salihan at A Simple Abundant Life
7. 4 Elves and a Pixie

Whew! Ok, now here are the rules (copied and pasted from Auntie Shabby)

  1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

  2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

  3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

  4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pregnant Emotions

Ok, so I saw my name on Kristin's Make My Day Award list. When you do something that nice to a preggo, it makes me so grateful I almost cried!!!

So to pass the love on, here are people who, this week anyway, have made MY day:
1. Kizzie
2. Mimitalks
3. Tiny Stitches
4. Kalurah

There will ALWAYS be more of you. Everybody who looks at my blog, makes my day. I wish I could personally thank you all!!

Binder Goodness and Happy Birthday

Ok, I decided to organize my life into binders. Here are some pictures of them.

My binders

Gifts to make


You can't see it, but this one has tabs to separate it into separate rooms. The cleaning section is all on it's own.

This is the holiday binder. I've been very picky what I've actually put in there. I have files and files of ideas, but I just put my fav's in here for now. And so far, only Christmas, but there soon will be a tab for each holiday

This picture is not from any of my binder's. It's a photo of most of Kristin's birthday package I sent out today. MWAHAHA. ANd NO photoshop cheating.

Hooray for Flickr!!

My flickr group is going SO well. Thanks to all of you who participate by joining the group or adding your pics. I really appreciate it.

Expect more pics posted here on the blog tonight. I've been putting together some binders. Coming from the most un-organized person on the planet, that's a huge leap for me. So far I have 3 binders: Cleaning/Decorating, Holidays, and Gift Ideas. You can bet that eventually a lot of your photos from flickr will be part of those binders!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In Progress

I've started a few things lately, and thought I'd add some photos as I've gone through. one is actually a partial tutorail.

First, this is how my messy area looks currently. I"m still not done. The small filing cabinets will be moved and I still want to mount a shelf or two on the wall.

Next, this is the tutorial part. I've been working on this magnet book, right? Well... here's a tut of how I've worked the paper dolls so far.

First, I printed off the paper dolls from
There are lots of reasons I use this particular website: 1. You can choose all ethnicities, or a cat and a dog for your body, but they all fit the same clothes. 2. There are SO many clothes options; from mermaids to doctors, to camo, to superhero... just check the themes page 3. You can print in color or outline, so it fits your printer capacity and time restraints

Second, I mounted them onto magnets. The magnets you see on this picture are from my previous business. I got overly excited and printed a bunch of magnets out. Silly me. Oh well, recycle recycle.

I mod podged them on. You can probably use rubber cement, too.

Then I colored them. Some I printed off in color, but these, I used puff paints. Talk about fun! I just love the extra texture.

Next, I cut out the pieces

Look, now you can play with them! This is my kids favorite, the pirate.

Word to the wise: play w/ magnets on magnets or metal. The actual magnets I used to do the mod  podging on and stuff- not very strong. It won't stick to the body very well, unless it's on metal or magnets. The metal chairs at church work GREAT. :D

This one was done using puff paints, whereas the pirate was printed in color. I added embellishments to these jeans just for fun. :D

Care Packages

Best Friends: (this is more for girls between 7-14 yrs old)

  • A card

  • Clothespin
    Dolls*- these can be done two ways. In a kit for the receiver to put
    together themselves, or already made. Find out how to make them here (although I'd look for the clothespins at the dollar store first, that's where I found mine). For cute packaging, try this

  • Friendship Bracelets* Learn how here

  • No Sew Fleece Pillow KIT (so she has something to do). Just include materials and instructions, found here

  • Photo Holder- there are lots of different kinds to make. One is here.
    You can also try this: Cut small styrofoam ball in half. Painted as
    desired. Cut 1-3 pieces of 24 guage wire into say 10" -12"pieces. Curl
    into spirals at one end. Stick into foam. Decorate as desired.

  • Headbands-  Scarfbands
    or Take some ribbon, as wide as you like, measure it so it goes
    *almost* around the head (make sure it's a similar size for the person
    you're sending it to). Make sure the edges aren't going to unravel by
    either hemming, fray checking
    or burning the edges. On one end of the scarf, sew a button. On the
    other, loop a piece of thin elastic and sew it to that edge. Put it
    around head and make sure the loop fits around the button.

  • Jump Rope- not very expensive, but if you know how to knit, then try this one

  • CD Case Book- you could put pictures of you and the person you're sending it too, or write a story. They're adorable!

  • Things to just buy: stickers, lip gloss, the person's favorite candy, glitter pens, mini notebooks, cute erasers

Get Well Soon:

New Flickr Group

To more easily share your projects and photos, I created a flickr group. See it here
Can't wait to see what you add!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bigger and Better

I got a typepad account!!

now visit me at

Sunday, February 3, 2008

SOOOO unbelievably excited

Ok, so I went to the DI and I found this magnetic book. Cool idea, hideous pictures, too buys. HOWEVER... I do have an obsession w/ magnets, so I've been working on re-doing it. I can't WAIT to show you the finished project!

Here are some before pics:


See the magnets between the pages?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

By any chance

Does anyone know how to make poptarts. I've been obsessed lately. I just really want to learn how to make them if it's possible. Thanks!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Valentine's Wreath

So I got the inspiration for this from
and decided to try it myself. It was all in guessing (I did it during virus time, so I wasn't on the comp at all), so I decided to take a few pics as I went along
First, materials:

I bought the wreath at DI (the big thrift store here in Utah) for $.50
Fabric scraps: most were scraps, 2 of the patterns were old shirts
Hot glue gun
Paper hearts
Prima Flowers
Broken pieces of Jewelry

First, I cut the strips of fabric (ok, I kind of did this as I went along because I didn't know how many I'd need). I decided to do 6 different fabrics: 2 pink, 2 purple, 2 red.

I did no measuring, no ironing, no straight cutting, lol. If you want yours to look a little more chic maybe that would be a good idea, but you'll learn that I am NOT a patient crafter.

Anyway, so I took the first strip and just hot glued it to the back of the wreath. Then I took strip #2 and overlapped it a tad and did the same thing.... all the way around.

This is what the back looked like. Isn't it funny how that button is on there? It's because it was the cuff of one of the shirts I used. So the back is not pretty at ALL, but hey, who's going to see it?

I just repeated my pattern all the way around. The wreath was WAY wider on one side than the other so I was a little bit worried about that, but once I put decorations on it, I liked it.

This was what it looked like when all the fabric was put on, but before the embellishments

This is the final product

Close up (albeit sideways) view of the main detail

Now, can I see yours?!


I do believe the virus is finally gone, which means I can upload photos now and get back to regular life. For any missing photos- I have to re-take the pictures so bear with me as I get things together again. HOpefully by the end of the day!!