Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fixed my problem

Ok, so I had freaked when I realized how long Vaughn's blanket was taking me. Then, when I realized it was as wide as a twin blanket, I freaked again about what to do. After talking to LOTS of people, I realized that I wasn't the only one with this problem. Did you see that? THREE "realizations" in a very short period of a time. That's a lot for a shrunken, pregnant brain to handle!! I decided to set that one aside and start a new one for Vaughn. After all, I can always use more twin blankets, so I'll finish it later. Now, I suck at reading patterns, not necessarily because they're hard, but just because they scare the poopies out of me and I don't have the patience to count. So I have made my own up. Here's what they are, and eventually I"ll have pics. I promise!!

Twin Afghan:
Chain till it's all the way across your lap and then some. Then add a few more just for good measure and add an extra turning chain on the end.
Row 1: Single Crochet Stitch all the way across. Add 4 chains on the end for turning.
Row 2: I THINK this is called the V stitch, but I don't see a V, so instead I'll just tell you what I do. I do a double crochet stich with a single chain and then put it into every other loop. Do it all the way across. Don't forget the last chain
Rows 3,5, and any odds here on out until you're at the length you need: single crochet stitch, not forgetting the 4 chains at the end
Rows 4,6,8 and even from here on out: Repeat row 2.

The one I"m working on now, here is the PLAN (which means I haven't done it all yet) This is with two colors, color A and color B
Chain the length of a baby blanket (I don't count, instead I held it up to an actual baby blanket). Add 4 chains on the end
Row one: In color A, double crochet all the way across. Add one chain on the end.
Row 2: In color B, single crochet stitch all the way across, adding 4 chains on the end
Row 3: In color A, V stitch (or whatever it is I explained in the last pattern) all the way across. Add one chain stitch
Row 4, 6, and evens here on out: Always color B, just single stitch across and add 4 chains
Row 5: Color A, double crochet stitch
Row 7: Color A, V stitch
Do every other one like this so it goes: double, single, v, single, double, single, v, single, etc until it is about the size of a baby blanket

Monday, April 28, 2008

So I realized.....

That the "baby blanket" I started for Vaughn seemed to be taking FOREVER for each row. I didn't understand how a baby blanket could take so long. Then I realized- it's as wide as a twin sized blanket. Yeah, so I think I"m going to put it aside and make a different one for him. I've got some pretty white and some of the color changing blue. We'll do a baby blanket with those instead. Then I'll have a family blanket to work with, I suppose. Or maybe a wrap. I guess we'll see.

Also today, I started gardening. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Last of all for right now, I found this link thanks to the girls at Mormonchic, and I'm so excited that there are service things that I can do while I'm at home w/ my kids. I feel bad not being able to go out and help people much since my kids aren't quite old enough to understand, but this way, i can.,7989,1325--9-1100,00.html

I also might start doing some lap blankets for nursing homes. My kids can help pick out colors.

how do you teach your kids to do service?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Picture UPdate

It's been forever ever, Sorry. I have a feeling that my posts won't be as common as I'd like it to for the next little while.

First, here is the cake we made. yes, it's supposed to look like a hamburger

Second, I finished a WIP, but didn't take a picture. I added some fabric to one of Juliana's shirt to make it not a midriff.

Third, I started an afghan for Vaughn. I am not using a  pattern and i'm using two, yup, count 'em, two stitches. here's what it looks like so far

I am so excited about it!

What are you working on?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have a problem

Two actually, one, is that the cake picture is on Roger's phone and I can't get it till he gets home.

Two.... I can't make stuff for my own home. I just can't! For example, I made a rice pack. Had no idea what to do w/ it. I finally had my hubby put it in the kitchen in a drawer, but it caused so much stress figuring out where it "goes." Then I made a throw pillow for my living room. And I hate it. Why? I don't know! Maybe because I end up picking it up off the floor so often. Or maybe because the color's not as perfect of a match as I thought, or maybe because there's no matching pillow, just the one.... Do you know how many cute sayings I've seen on pillows that I'd like to cross stitch? But I can't, because "WHERE WOULD I PUT IT" (duh, oh the couch, but still it's the concept that's hard). I even have some fabric that will make perfect pillows for our bed, but same problem. That and they use so much dang stuffing! I can't bring myself to make a cozy for my kitchenaid, or my toaster, or anything, because when I'm using the appliance, what do you do with it? I really should. It may end up being the only "decor" I have in there. I don't even have CURTAINS hung (I have the curtains, just no rods).

So, any suggestions on how to get over my problems?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Slacker here and slacker there

Ok, so todays post is mostly about WIPs, since I just realized I have a million of them.

rattle/block (just needs a stitch on one side)
Snow white out fit (to repair)
Juliana's shirt (adding a strip of fabric at the bottom so you can't see her belly)
Unfinished sock monkey
Unfinished embroidered onsie
2 unfinished aprons
Pillowcase I'm embroidering for Juliana

also just found my sewing stuff from my mom's house. Apparently I've
cut out all the pieces for a cute skirt. I also have 2 barbie skirts
cut out, a pair of barbie pants that I quit partway through because
they're hideous.

Barbie clothes have been my focus lately. Last night I found two MORE parshally finished Barbie things in that stuff. My goal today is to finish one of them, and hopefully to repair the dress and finsh the apron

Biggest thing today, however, is the cake I'm making. DH and I baked the actual cakes last night, but we're decorating it  to look like a big hamburger, kinda like this:
but we'll be using toffee bits on the top. Not sure what I'll use for pickles yet, I was thinkin' kiwi.... Anyway, we still have to decorate it, but the cakes themselves are ready to go!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Traveling Projects

Sometimes I feel rather pathetic. I cannot hold still for the LIFE of me. However, right now I"m in so much pain from this baby that I can barely move. So I have been doing lots of projects. My poor husband. Every few minutes he hears something similar to this, "Sweetheart, how much do you love me?" "What do you need?" he asks. "On my craft shelf, on the second shelf, the box on the far right, will you see if there is by any chance wire in there?"

Anyway, I'm going to a friends house today (and she told me she has a whole box of yarn for me *swoon*). I'm SO grateful she called and asked me over because I was seriously sitting here wondering HOW I was going to move much today. I can get up and down the stairs, but it takes forever and it HURTS so bad!

So I'm taking a couple projects to her house with me. I don't know what yet. I"ll probably grab all my crochet hooks (and books since I'm still learning and they're due next week *whimper*).

Also, one book review: I don't knit, but for a visual reminder to pick up patterns from my mom's house, I checked out Barbie doll and ME (45 playful matching designs for knitting)

It almost makes me want to knit (almost, it won't actually happen for a few years)
All the outfits in there for Barbie (and Ken) they also have for MATCHING kids clothes (and some adults, too, I think). It is SOO fun and So cute!

Anyway: Just wondering what your favorite "to go" project is.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Barbie Clothes

Ok, eventually I might post a couple patterns on here. Crazy, I know! I got a bag of 13 barbies from freecycle this week, plus a bag of clothes. Most of the clothes were ok, but there were a couple handmade pieces from the 70's that all I can say is, THOSE ROCK!!! So I'm taking some of the torn ones and deconstructing them, plus trying to guess my way around a few. Here's hoping for some uber-cute clothes coming up.

This is what I've made so far:

Friday, April 11, 2008

What I've been working on

I haven't posted much lately, so I wanted to show you what I've been doing!


I haven't tried them yet. They're hot glued on, so I'm not sure how secure they are!


I *think* I learned to double crochet today. I hope I'm doing it right.

I am also starting to dabble in Barbie clothes- I'd like to have a collection by Christmas!

What're you working on?

Tutorial Friday: Felt Decoratable Cake

Ok, so I got this idea from Twinkle Cakes, which look WAY more professional, but unfortunately are too expensive for me. It would be SO nice not to have to do any of the work and to feel that soft wool felt vs. my cheap acrylic felt. But then again, if I had one of those, I might not let my kids play with it, which is what I want them for. My kids are constantly smushing all their playdough together to "make a cake," so I thought, why the heck not make them a cake?

First I started with three Styrofoam circles, at varying sizes. When I went to buy mine, I went to Michael's first. The smallest one was  $2.49 I about died! Then I went to Walmart and got the same size (i think) for $.97. So I recommend going to WalMart or the dollar store first!

Next I cut and measured the felt so that I had one for the top and bottom of each circle and one to go around the sides

I then pinned the felt in place

That's when the sewing started. It's all by hand, but I pretty much made a slipcover for each of the circles. I think I used a whip-stitch.


Once all three were covered, I hot glued them together

Last step: I cut out a bunch of felt circles to use as decor. If I could've found bigger styrofoam, I'd have made a bigger cake and had way more fun w/ my designs, but this cake is really small. I tried using Sizzix to cut a few shapes and it worked, but you have to go over it SO many extra times that it's not fun.
ANyway, then I let my kids test it.

Can't wait to see yours!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I did it!!!

Ok, I finished my first crochet project! It started out as a placemat, but that wasn't interesting enough for me, so I decided that my daughter needed a blanket for her baby doll. She has been using a burp cloth, which is only like 3/4 the baby's size. So I decided that's what I'd do! Before you see this, keep in mind that I started over at least 4 times.

My only "problem" was here at the top of this edge: I had just taken a whole bunch of rows out because it had started to get bigger, and instead, pulled it in a little too small

Anyway, I'm now HOOKED (bwahahahahahaha) on crochet and love it to death!! I can't wait to practice more!

I'd kind of like to see everyone else's first projects, favorite projects, and project disasters!

Free Embroidery Pattern

I had a friend ask me for this pattern and she suggested I offer it as a freebie. I thought, heck, why not?!

These were created using borders from Digital Scrapbook kits, btw

My kids are watching Veggie tales right now and they just had the BEST quote: "So tomorrow when you go to the dentist, wrap yourself in seaweed and act like a piece of sushi" I'm still laughing!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Disney Post

Ok, you have no idea how excited I am. I know on my schedule that I had a felt mail set on there. Well, sometimes I just don't want to work with felt. Well, I saw this set on Write, Mama

I thought, you know, I really, REALLY like the velcro idea. Our problem? We didn't have any postcards lyin around, I'm not so cute w/ just prints, they turn out sloppy. SO, I just started looking for random clipart to inspire me. I stumbled across DisneyClips. That changed EVERYTHING. Not only did they have free Disney clipart, they've got a sister site, Disney's World of Wonders which gave me some amazing ideas: headstarted my stamps and the idea of note cards. See, on Write, mama's how she has the words on the card? I decided to have interchangable words, inspired by WoW's lunch notes. I just got really excited. I still haven't bought the mailbox (or mailboxes, depending if I decide my kids should share or not). I have a friend who has some small UPS boxes that will go great with the set. I also have a brother who works for USPS and has some old shirts that I'm going to turn into either shirts, aprons, or something for the kids, so they can be mailpeople! I'm even STORING the stuff in get this, a Priority Box!

So, without further ado, I present to you, the DISNEY (this goes for my challenge too) MAIL SET

Let's break it down for you


these are the note cards (the ones w/ pink borders came straight from WoW's)


These are the stamps. The "princess" ones were originally stickers at WoW's, but I resized them on PSE, then added the stamp border.

Anyway, I'm So super duper excited about this, I hope my kids have as much fun using it as I did making it. It'll be torture putting it away till Christmas!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Ok, I am BOUND and determined to learn how to crotchet. PERIOD. I got tired of waiting to be taught, so I went to the library. I checked out three books:

Crocheting for Dummies by Karen Manthey and Susan Brittain
Stitch N B*tch crochety The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller
Getting Started Crotchet by Judith L. Swartz

It's taken me all three books to learn the basic single stitch. Can I tell you that I was in tears because I couldn't figure out HOW in the world all my stuff ended up triangular. Then there was one sentence in Getting STarted that SAVED my sanity. It was, and I quote, "Don't forget to add one turning chain at the beginning of each new row of single crochet." I even called my mom to tell her, since I'd called her just before so frustrated with it all. I really, REALLY want to just JUMP into these projects, but I know I'm not there yet at ALL! I still have every stitch to learn besides the single crochet stitch.

Here's one of my practice swatches