Thursday, November 13, 2014


***Winner Winner!!! Congrats, Kendra!!!!!***

I admit, I neglect my e-mail sometimes. So, when a giant box showed up on my porch, I was a little confused. Then I opened it. I was SO excited to see TWO K'Nex products inside!! Of course, my kids were even MORE excited!! I decided to actually READ the email I had been sent by K'Nex and guess what, they told me exactly what they were sending! I signed up a few years ago to be a tester for them, but had forgotten all about it. We were completely THRILLED!!!

 I let my older two kids (ages 10 and 9) play with the chest of regular, open ended K'Nex first. (Pick up the green treasure chest HERE)

within an hour they had built SO many things!!

I made them wait until Vaughn, their 6 year old brother got home to break out the Mario Layer Cake set (Pick it up HERE!) Now, it says ages 8+ on the box. And for good reason. Vaughn tried for a while to put it together and got easily frustrated. Xander (10), however, had NO problems following the instructions and getting it all put together.
And THEN my kids did something they don't do very often. They all played together!!! And they ALL got along!!

Now, enough about my observations, here's what the KIDS said about it:

Vaughn, age 6. "My favorite one is the one we used to parts from the Mario set to make Waddlewings ship! I got to be Waddlewings!"

Xander, age 10. "My favorite was the Mario set. The reason I like it best is becasue of all the new pieces. Most of those pieces I've never had before. Also, because of how many different K'nex parts that were only made from Mario. The best part was the flag system for when Mario goes in and can get launched. With the other set, I really liked it because you could choose ANYthing. ANd you can use the instructions and make modifications." (Yes, he really used the word modifications)

Juliana, age 9. "My favorite was the big K'Nex chest. I liked it because you could build cars, hot air balloons, horses, LOTS of things- like ANYthing. I did like the Mario because there were characters and there were actually ground boards. You could build it anyway you want. I like to play with them a lot because you can be creative. Sometimes I just don't feel like playing with the Mario set, so I play with the other one. You can choose what to do. You can do anything."

These have brought my kids HOURS of fun. And they have brought me PLENTY of helping hands because you can't go play with the K'Nex until your chores and such are done!! :D

Pretty sure K'Nex Plants Vs Zombies are on  our Santa Wish List!! THIS one, to be exact.

NOW.... want a free K'Nex set for YOUR kids?! Comment here and tell me what toy your friend had growing up that you wish you  had. I'll pick one lucky reader, contact you (so make sure you leave a way to do that) and get your address to send to the K'Nex people! *one entry per day until Friday 11/21/14 **be sure your comment sent before leaving the blog

Thanks, K'Nex!