Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm doing it for reals!!

Ok, first announcement, I finished something!!!! Two things actually!
Here is one of the kids' neck pillows. Perfect? No, but it works (mostly)

The next is Juliana's "summer" blanket. I needed something thin because she INSISTS on taking a blanket to bed. So I made this easy sew, no batting, "quilt"

I tied the ties on the ponies' tails because I wanted it to be kinda playful

AND- I'm even working on a new project, get this, for myself. I know, I know- didn't think it would ever happen, but under Kristin's tutelage and with random fabric that didn't cost me anything, I finally got the guts to try. Kristin did all the math for me in converting this tutorial to adult. She's also going to help me take it so it ends up being something cute like one of these shirts from Torrid, Fashion Bug, and Lane Bryant. She said it's just adding elastic under the bust. I seriously wouldn't have the guts to even TRY making any, any, any clothes for myself without her. So a big huge THANK YOU KRISTIN. Hopefully you'll see the end result *soon*

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Conquering Fears

I figured out why I haven't been sewing, crafting, or crocheting lately. I'm scared witless! I've discovered that if something turns out not quite right I get really discouraged and it's hard for me to pick it up again. I finished Vaughn's afghan and thought it was pretty dang neat till I saw it from a distance and, just like everyone else's first afghans, it has a funky side. I want to do it again, but I don't know how to ensure correct edges!

I am inching closer and closer to trying to sew a couple simple items of clothes from the tutorials on Kristin's blog. I'll use fabric that I have just sitting here. *SCARY* but I really really want to. I just want someone holding my hand and talking me through it step by step. I need a tutor! :D

Anyway- I do plan on adding more here. I'm tempted to do what Kristin's doing and do one creative thing a day....

Monday, July 14, 2008

I started!

Kristin inspired me to get craftin' again. I'm not done w/ the projects. Actually, I'm done w/ one of them....

First, she made some adorable bean bags and matching bags to put them in. I went through my stash and got the bags done, but not the beanbags. They are sewn together, but not filled yet.



I also decided my kids need neck pillows- you should see them attempt to sleep in the car. It's sad. Well, my printer wasn't working, so Kristin told me to "wing it." Very scary concept for me, but I tried anyway. This is what they looked like before I stuffed them.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More pictures of Vaughn

I've had a request for more pi cs of Vauhn. I had been waiting to do his photo shoot, but he's not very cooperative when it comes to that. He always picks picture time to be fussy. SO here are a few and I PROMISE I'll be crafting again soon.
As a matter of fact, I hope to make 5 I Spy books this weekend. I want to sell them at the yard sale we'll be having before too long.

Anyway- back to VaughnCopy of vaughnbaseball2
ok, it's not letting me add anymore. Apparently only SOME jpgs are valid formats.....