Friday, February 22, 2013

Super cute!!

I have participated in a couple of speed scraps recently. Here are two of my pages.

The first one was for a speed scrap hosted by Leaving a Legacy Designs. I used a kit called "He Loves Me" available in Designs By Snowlady's store.
 The prize for participating was a $5 gift card to Leaving a Legacy Design's store. I found two kits I fell in love with, so I got them both and just paid the extra $5. Want to see them? Ok. I can do that!
I got this kit
and this one

 Click on either one of them to be taken directly there.

The next Speed Scrap was hosted by Double Trouble Scraps. The kit I used for this one is one I'm currently designing. It's called On The Prowl and who knows when I'll have it available for download. For free. Here on my blog. Eventually.

Aside from Speed Scraps, I've been trying to participate in a few of the other challenges on Stuff To Scrap. One of the funnest challenges is the Use It All Up Challenge. On that one, you get a kit for free and use everything in it for your layout. There is usually an option to buy the full kit. I'm still debating. I LOVE the full kit, but I really try to limit my purchases and I JUST bought the ones pictured earlier. We'll see. Here is the layout.
Want to see what the FULL kit looks like? Here it is. Click on the picture to go to the store.

Ok, this next page kind of touches on TWO different challenges. The one I made it for is called the Scraplift Challenge. It's pretty explanatory, esp if you actually digiscrap ever. The other challenge that it relates to is the Designer Darling challenge. Every year, Stuff to Scrap has a challenge for people who want to sell at their store. They have challenges and all the designers make kits that are then up for grabs. You also vote on your favorites. I instantly fell in love with this kit from Created by Jill Scraps called Just Me and the Girls and HAD to use it!! Go join Stuff to Scrap and check out the Designer Darling threads so you can download it!!! You should ALSO go there so you can see the layout I scraplifted.

LAST, but not by any means least, I LOVE the recipe challenge. This is what it sounds like. There is a list of instructions that you do in order and then you end up with an AWESOME page. I used the kit Heart's Desire from Scraps By Missy, but it's not in her store.

Want to hear something crazy? I'll ALSO be joining the Road Trip this month. It's been a long time since I've had a kit freebie, but these colors were irresistible!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's $2 Tuesday at Stuff to Scrap and Scraps by Missy has My Hero and My Hero Clusters in the bin for you. These special kits are good not only for your father, but also that special guy in your life. Check them out today while they're just $2 each!

I know these are not new, but here is my favorite layout I made using this kit:

Thank you for looking. Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SWEET deal!!

BOTH of my designers have stuff on sale!!

Scraps by Missy will be having a ONE DAY ONLY sale! All of her stuff will be 40% off!!
If I were you, I'd get BFF. I am telling you, I use that kit for more than you'd think!!

Designs by Snowlady is ALSO having a sale! Her stuff is 50% off though Saturday!
One of my favorites of hers is called Happy Bee Day. So cute!

HAPPY SHOPPING!!! Oh yeah, and Happy V-Day, too!


Hey look, I've been known to scraplift. And use a gajillion ideas off of Pinterest. Today, however, I'm postlisting!! My friend Jeanette has a blog and she lifted an idea from a friend. Now I"m lifting it from her. Hope that's cool with them!!

Reading:  Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. FAR more violent than I thought it would be. I suppose my Buffy experience has spoiled me a little. I expect tiny bite marks and dustings. Not.... yick... this. Also reading a TOP SECRET book that one of my amazing friends has authored. I really want to tell you all about it, but I must wait for her to get it published. Also currently reading the Book of Mormon as I try to always do, but right now I'm in the most exciting parts and I LOVE it!!!

Watching: at this VERY moment? Shawn the Sheep. I have sick kids. And they sneak Daleks in every now and then, ok? On my watch list- Doctor Who (we're on the second go round), Downton Abbey, Doc Martin (just finished all that is on Netflix of that), Castle, Bones, Community (don't spoil things, I'm only on Season 1), Modern Family, Once Upon A Time, Raising Hope. Ok, the secret is out. We are TV JUNKIES!!!!

Procrastinating:  getting ready for the day, making Scouts Jeopardy, and cleaning my house

 Wanting:  a laptop and a newer version of PhotoShop Elements

Craving:  Nothing at the moment. I've got a caker on either side of my mouth, so eating hurts.

Wearing:  Jeans, a cute shirt, and this general idea, but I used an old cami that was too short, cut off the top and viola!

Relieved by: The fact that my friend's husband found a spare key to our van when he was helping us one time because Roger just called me from Salt Lake and he has my keys.

Stressing about: Sick kids and Scouts Jeopardy

Missing: the use of my mouth, blue skies

Addicted to: Well, this is a loaded question. Probably Doctor Who would be up there at the top of everything. Currently the game Alchemy. Shut up, I know it's stupid.

 Trying:  to be more THERE for my kids. Put away distractions when I talk to them. LISTEN to what they say.

Needing: A shower. Sleep. and a Housekeeper.

Annoyed by: the fact that we can't seem to all get healthy

 Feeling guilty about:  My messy house

Tired of: having sick kids

Thankful for: Netflix, Modern Medicine, the Gospel

Enjoying: Valentine's Day preparations, celebrations, and general feelings of LOVE

 Looking forward to: Roller skating with Xander for his Valentine's Party

Suffering from:  ADHD. Which, isn't always a bad thing. IT just is when I 'm supposed to be doing other stuff. Also, just coming off a cold. And these STUPID cankers! And lack of sleep.

Hoping: My kids feel better soon

Loving: My life. That might sound stupid, esp just after I complained, but really, I've got it good. I really, truly do LOVE MY LIFE!

 Proud of myself for: Finally admitting that, you know what? I'm talented!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

$2 Tuesday

It's $2 Tuesday at Stuff to Scrap and Scraps by Missy has 2 fabulous kits on sale for today only. Check out Abby and Let Me Count The Ways in her store before they go back to their normal prices! Happy Scrapping!

Friday, February 8, 2013

All About Me

Happy Friday Everyone!! Scraps by Missy has a fabulous kit releasing today called All About Me. It's perfect for that little lady or gentleman in your life. It's so versatile you can use it for anything. Catch it for 30% off through 2/14/13! Don't forget to peek below at the FREEBIES you can get created by Missy's CT. Thanks and Happy Scrapping!

Check out some inspiration from me and my fellow CTM's

If you're subscribed to Missy's newsletter you'll be receiving these Exclusive FREEBIES!

Then you can head over to her blog to grab these two FREEBIES!

Think that's all? Nope! Head over to her Facebook page and "like" it to receive this FREEBIE!

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


So, ever since my laptop died, I have been struggling with being on the ball about digiscrapping! I feel like some of my actual creativity was there, on my computer! My hard drive is fine, so it's not like I had to start from scratch or anything, but my upgraded PSE was on there. The desktop has PSE 7.0. Yes, you heard me right, SEVEN!! Ghetto old school!!!! And let me tell you, the difference between 7 and 8- HUGE! So, I have been in a rut. I feel like I have failed my CT duties. Partly because on the laptop, Facebook would run in the background all day long. I could pop in whenever there was a quiet minute in between the chaos of all the kids, or while waiting for people to come or whatever..... Now, my main FB is on my phone, which I swear does not give all updates. I'll log on here on the desktop and think, "HUH!?!? How did I miss those 8 posts?" Whatever. SOOO... I do hope that the ladies of the CTs I'm on will forgive me. I'm not attempting negligence. Just after the laptop died, hubby asked if I wanted it repaired or if I wanted a new one. My first thought was "Neither, this is fine."  I'm starting to regret that answer. I may change it by the time tax returns get here. I really didn't want to spend the money on one, but I'm starting to think it may be the best option. Either that or I could upgrade the PSE here on the desktop. AND get a new office chair because this one puts your legs to sleep if you sit in it for more than 15 minutes.

If you actually took the time to read this, please comment for no other reason than I often wonder if anybody even sees my posts, haha!! And hey look! I'll post a random picture here!!

Isn't she a doll!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Speed Scrap Tomorrow!!

See this pretty kit? 

Want to win it?!
Just participate in STS' speed scrap tomorrow!!