Monday, March 30, 2009

Conference Packet for YW

I am so excited about General Conference this year. In browsing, I decided to put together. I'm doing a Mission:Possible packet. I threw together some stationary using Anne Langpap's border from one of her 2peas digital scrapbook kits. I added pics and you can download the stationary by  right clicking and saving image.

All of this will be put into an envelope. the worksheet on the far right I  downloaded from    I also found a lesson on that site and took a piece of the lesson to use in preparing for conference. While I was there, I re-typed a download that said which personal progress experiences needed conference talks to be included.

Here's the stationary, free for you to download


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just a small note

I think that the women on Celebrity Apprentice would drop dead at my house. I'm watching yesterday's episode while I do laundry and they had a baby on there. The baby was crying. It stressed all of them out. Annie Duke said that it was like the 7th rung of hell..... all because of a kid's fit. What if she came over on a day that all 3 of my kids were throwing fits and crying?  It made me feel empowered, I suppose.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Those silly leprechauns!

They came to our house Monday night and left a mess!!! Not only did they leave out all the stuff they used to make stuff for the kids, but they also did this:

and this:

and they hid presents here and there, which ended up like this:

The kids were happy, like this:

As they do every year, they did this:

which we turned into this:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

HOly cow, enough already!

So, remember how I had strep? Yup, then I got shingles. Nasty! Yesterday I didn't even come downstairs! Today I am feeling MUCH better, however and even have some.... dum, da da dum! pictures for you!!!


my cute kids!


Juliana wearing my Bumpits

Ok, so I thought I had more pics. Apparently not. I'll get more up soon, esp of my Halloween Afghan (in progress)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Getting back in it

Ok, finally out of our sick funk (except that Vaughn has an ear infection). I need to do some serious picture taking. I've been so out of everything for the last couple weeks, between sick and - bizarly enough- a social life. SOOOOO- I have a bag almost finished- all I need to do are sew the handles, I just finished a Thank You book that I'd like to post pics of, and I finished some Halloween Embroidery.

Pics to come soon!