Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pin Week 3!

I think this is the most regular I've ever had blog posts, lol!!

Not a whole lot of crafting this week. I did the hairstyle from last week again. It looked even better this time. This is the back:

On top of the fun hairstyle, I decided to try a makeup tip I had saved!

Before I show you mine, I will remind you that my eyes are not perfectly almond shaped. I also was too cold to go outside and get the GOOD mascara......

So, cute hair, pretty makeup.... makes a girl feel good about herself. So good that she gets a little camera happy!

I spent far too much time reading this week. What did I read? These:
Now what I thought about them: They were fascinating, a super easy to stay hooked book. However, I'm not sure I'd say that I liked them. They were very gory....

Anyway, one last thing. I've had a very specific goal this week. One that I have tried a couple times before but given up quickly. But when I saw this quote on Pinterest.....
and it very much hit me. I knew that I needed to stop yelling BIG time. So I've tried really hard. Happy to report, I think I only yelled like 3 times ALL week. I've felt so much better about our family this week. And I've felt closer to my kids. I mean, who doesn't want a better life with the COOLEST kids on the planet!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Pin-happy week!!!

I feel like I have done more in the last 5 weeks than I did the ENTIRE time I was pregnant!!

Let's get started!
2 of my kids got their first library cards this week!! I want them to keep their books safe (since library books seem to go missing in my care), so I decided to make them bags. Mine are not NEARLY as cute as this, but part of that was lack of cute fabric. Here are my pics:

I also tried two new recipes:

SUPER duper yummy!! I didn't have marshmallows, and it was STILL yummy! Will definitely be doing this again!

Since starting Pinterest, I've been DYING to try this:
the flavor was super yummy. there was only ONE problem with it and that was on MY end. I didn't get my garbanzo beans QUITE fine enough. Next time (because there WILL be a next time) I'm going to put them in my Magic Bullet to make sure the texture is finer.

Yeah, sorry that I didn't take pics of my food ones. I forget until they are half eaten!

NEXT! Hairstyles! This morning I wanted something besides a pony, a poof, or braided headband. So I looked on my style board and found this:
Totally adorable, right? I wish I could figure out how to do the bun part. Before you see my picture, please note that this pic was taken in HORRIBLE light and after I took the bun that I did out. It was up high and really cute!

All right, finally!! My favoritist thing from Pinterest that I have done YET. Mostly because I love mine more than the inspiration. Although I will admit, that I'm not 100% done with all of them.

Here is the inspiration:
After seeing this, I went and got a whole bunch of pink and red paint swatch strips from WalMart (Home Depot didn't have the strips). Each strip had 7 colors on them, so I cut them into chunks of 3. But me, being me, couldn't just do this. I decided they were each going to become bookmarks. And then I couldn't just stamp, I had to emboss. THEN, I decided we needed a heart punch. And ribbon. And a note on the back. So I got this:
TADA!!! Enough for both of my kids' classes. And I am not done. I was hoping to finish tonight, but my baby has been so fussy that this post has taken around 3 hours to write.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pinterest Projects!!!

Ok, I told you my goal was to do at least 1 thing from Pinterest each week. This week, I did FOUR! Unfortunately, I only have pics of 2 of them.

First pin of the week: A calendar art journal page. This page is done by The Kathryn Wheel. SERIOUSLY amazing stuff. I've always loved her calendar pages and have been meaning to try them forever. I mean, how gorgeous is her page?
 Aaaand here is my page. Not my favorite. I used paint chips for the squares. The only part I genuinely like is that stamp on the right side at the top. Other than that.... much prettier in my head.

The second pin is a recipe! I finally made the GREEN MONSTER SMOOTHIE
I don't have a picture of the one I made. I can tell you this- it was NOT nearly this pretty!! And the one I made using that recipe did NOT turn out well. Mostly because I didn't use the right kind of Greek Yogurt. I used original instead of vanilla. Bad idea. (On a side note, I also bought a strawberry Greek yogurt. I'm not a fan of Greek yogurt.) The other thing I didn't do straight from the recipe was that I used Lactose free milk instead of Almond milk. That would have been MUCH better. Things turned up once I added orange juice and raspberries, though! I made another version of the green smoothie today. Now I think I can dig this!!

Third pin of the week:

These were SO yummy. I wish I'd had the stuff on hand to make the cheese sauce she also has a recipe for, but I'm grateful to have had what I needed for these. Actual REGULAR ingredients! YAY! And, I kind of liked them better on the second day.

And last, but not least, I also did THIS this week:
Now, I didn't use the sticks, I had Juliana find objects around the house in these colors. Problem was, I wasn't even done getting the papers on the tubes before Vaughn started playing the game. Little stinker. I did get another idea here, though. Vaughn struggles with counting, so I rounded up 60 regular Popsicle sticks and put puff paint dots on each of them (ranging in 1-10) in each of the 6 colors. Hard to explain. I'll post pics of that later.

So, what did you do?! Link back to your blog!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


New Year! New Baby! New Challenges!!!

I'm not going to promise any grand prizes or anything like that, but I want to make a goal for myself. Perhaps by doing so publicly, I'll be held responsible. It sounds SUPER selfish, but the more comments I get, the more likely I am to see it through. Yes, I am kind of pathetic like that (I'm the very definition of a leo- ironic considering how little stock I put into that kind of stuff). Anyway- I'd love for you to join if you'd like to. I'm sure a million and a half blogs out there have the same idea I do.

I want to do ONE thing (at least) from Pinterest each week. It might be a new recipe, a parenting technique, a print-out, a craft project, buying something in my style, nails, hair...... anyway. I do want to do this weekly. Who's with me?!?!