Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Decline in posts

Alright, as this pregnancy has neared an end, the amount of posts I've put up had gone WAY down. I do apologize for that. I am suddenly faced w/ the reality that I have 3 weeks till Delivery Day and a whole lot to do. I am nesting SO bad right now. I just hope my nesting doesn't cause early labor. For Memorial Day, DH and I took on a project that *should* have been a one day project. We decided to switch the kids rooms so the boys could have the smaller one and the baby would be closer to our bedroom ( a whole 50 yards closer, lol). Well, it's not like we could just switch. We decided to do the closet in the boys room. We'd bought the stuff for it like, last week, but didn't have a chance to do it till yesterday. Should have been a 30 min or 1 hr project. First we couldn't find the brackets for the walls or the screws we bought. We finally decided to re-buy them. Went to the store, got the stuff..... including paint, and fabric for curtains in both rooms,  a border to use instead of a chair rail in the boys room......

So we come home and the screws Roger bought were a little too long. So he struggled w/ those for.... like 2 hrs? Maybe longer. I started on the painting. We bought red paint for the bottom half of the boys room. Then we had doubts- the paint we bought was the discount paint- we put a swatch on the wall and I kid you not, it was HOT PINK. Yeah, not kosher for the boys room. But we decided to let it dry. I'm glad we did. I even had 2 friends come over to tell me whether it was pink or red. So we finished painting last night and got the shelves in the closet up. Tonight we're putting up the border and putting the dresser back in, which means tomorrow I can switch clothes out.

When am I going to do Juliana's room? you ask? I  have NOOO idea. I still need my mom to fix the curtains I screwed up for the boys room, then I'll have her make Juliana's curtains.

This week is crazy. Saturday I have plans from 8:30 AM till 9PM. The week after that (the 7th) my nephew is getting married. So I have the next Saturday (the 14th), but I'll probably be helping the kids w/ their Father's Day gifts (though I hope they'll be done during the week before). Then on Tuesday the 17th we're having the baby! So we're booked from now till forever, lol. Hopefully it'll help the time pass quickly.

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