Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Father's Day

Ok, so I need to start thinking NOW about Father's Day. It is on June 15th- TWO DAYS BEFORE I HAVE MY BABY!!! As for a gift, we're filling his tackle box w/ fishing stuff (he's very much a beginner). However, we still want to do some craft projects. In looking at Oriental Trading, I get lots of ideas. They've got some ok ones. So far I'm liking.... a paper/foam Toolbox Card. It's cute, you open up this toolbox http://tinyurl.com/4rm2tk (let me know if the link works or not, please)
I also like the idea of the travel Mugs, but is there a way to do it w/out ordering the kits?

The HP website usually has some neat stuff, too, but they still have Mother's Day stuff up, so it's too early to find too much there.

I'm googling stuff as I type this post. I just found this: http://amazingmoms.com/htm/fathersday4.htm   
Cute, huh? Especially since Roger just started grilling this year. If I was a nice wife, I'd make him an organizer for his grilling tools. I might, still!

And look how cute this is

just a note about this, a lot you have to be a member for. I almost cried!

I am blown away by the generosity and genius and creativity of people. Here are a few more links:

Anyway, if you run across any other ideas, I'd love to see 'em/ read 'em.... whatever. :D Or pics of what you've done previous years....

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