Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Photo Update

Ok, so I don't update much since I work on the same things for a few days at a time now (or, in the afghan's case, a few weeks). I thought I'd let y'all see how it's coming and see if it inspires anyone.

First, here is the afghan I'm working on for Baby Vaughn

Next, here's what the Eye Spy pics look in an album. I'm working on getting all the pics ready so you can just download all of them, print 'em, and use 'em. I would, however, like you to ask permission if you're going to use them to sell at all.

And now, for something a little more random that has nothing to do with crafting..... I've been couponing again. I took about a year sebattical from it because I couldn't even afford to do it that way. Man, did it feel good to get back into it!! Here are my two most recent receipts:


You'll have to look at it up close, but we bought 2 razors at almost $10 each, then got blade refills for $12, but w/ my coupons, my total was less than $10!!!


This was from yesterday at Albertson's. I got 34 items, totalling WELL over $100. But between the sale and coupons I spent..... $34. I saved over $90!!!!!!


This is from that sale- this is JUST the things I didn't have room for in my cupboards and such. Crazy, huh?!

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