Thursday, May 22, 2008

I finished it!!

I finally finished the blanket for Vaughn. I'm very proud of it and can't WAIT to post pics (I'm at my parents right now, so I can't). After finishing the blanket, my hands needed SOMEthing to do. I can NOT sit w/ nothing to do. So today I started on the kids' car folders. I bought a folder for each of them the other day (intending to cover it in fabric for a game, but nixed that when I found a Superman folder and my son fell in love with it). Today i spent time printing, copying, transferring, and drawing activities to use in the folder. I found some great worksheets online (for preschoolers, google free printable preschool worksheets and you'll get a ton). I also copied some things out of coloring books. I really like those little activity books because they are half size and so you can fit 2 papers onto a cardstock. I then laminated the cardstock filled papers. Now I need to buy dry erase markers, somehow get elastic onto the folder pocket to hold the dry erase markers, trim the activities, and find some kind of clip or magnet strip to use. This probably does not make any sense at all without pictures. Here's a sketch:

Anyway, I'm trying to decide when to give my kids the folders. We take a lot of 45 min drives and it would be nice to have them now, but on the other hand, I would kind of like to get them each one of these trays. That wouldn't happen till Christmas, so do I give them the folders now, the trays and refills for the folders at Christmas, or hang onto ALL of them till Christmas?

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