Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have funny kids!

My kids say funny things all the time.

Yesterday, Xander and I are were outside playing and the conversation went like this:
Me: Gavin's going to be here soon.
X: How do you know he's coming?
Me: How do you think I know he's coming?
X (hanging his head, looking defeated): I know. You looked it up on the internet.

My kids are currently obsessed w/ hair length (since Jules got hers cut) and they're constantly pointing out if boys have girl hair or if girls have boy hair. Sunday, Juliana came home and asked me, "How come Jesus has girl hair and wears dresses?"  Yeah- try explaining that it's just the way people dressed back then to a 3 year old....

They DO funny things as well. Today I decided they needed to take naps. I could hear commotion and went upstairs. Xander was IN Vaughn's crib playing with him. I took Vaughn downstairs for a while, but decided to try again when I figured Xander was mostly asleep. Except Vaughn must have LOVED playing with Xander because he would try to get Xander's attention and make him laugh.

Juliana's having fun with her hair cut. Daily, I see something along the lines of this:

IN church the other day, I was filling in during primary. I was sitting across the room during the lesson and Juliana noticed her teacher had a TINY bit of cleavage and asked her, "DO you have milk?!" Her teacher was gracious about it and just whispered to her, "No, I don't have milk." So naturally, Jules points at me, and definitely NOT in a quiet voice says, "My mom has milk!"

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  1. dont you just love the things they come out with!!! lol


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