Saturday, May 2, 2009

I want to be like this

Roger is watching Quantom of Solace. I don't do James Bond- esp after midnight, so I decided to do some blog hopping. I ran across Filth Wizardry and I must say.... I am SO impressed. I've never been patient. Ever. Now I have more reason to be, though. This blog is all about preschool activities. When my preschoolers are busy, they aren't naughty. Go figure.

Other stuff I've found that I want to make with my kids:

Mini-ABC books by Crafty Pod

Card Table Playhouse by Sew Much Ado

HEY! You're saying right now, you're just taking stuff from One Pretty Thing and posting here. Correction, I'm making a list for myself of the ones that I PERSONALLY am planning or dreaming of doing.... which makes me realize that I really need to overcome my sewing fears. I think I"ll start with beanbags to build my confidence. Sarah's going to help me make one of THESE cute dresses from men's shirts.   Still, I get a little antsy when I know a project needs sewing. Ooh, and I really need to make some headbands. This one at Pixeltrashmania is cute, but I'm worried it may be too complicated for me- because I'm a WUSS!!!! Colee says I could also pull off these Wrap Pants from Laupre, but it's something I'd need a buddy on.

Holy cow!! There is an ENTIRE huge list of kids websites here at Rocks In My Dryer.

Now, back to stuff for the kids:
How adorable are these teeny canvases from the New New?!
We should totally make Kites, like the ones on Frugal Family Fun Blog

Alrighty, I would totally love to update more, but I'm tired. If you have any SUPER easy sewing projects or kids crafts (that I can do WITH my kids) that I would be able to start building up my patience level bit by bit, please let me know!

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