Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Hard.....

Would it be and how long would it take to make a Jedi Robe, Princess Leia dress, and Leia ears? Christmas is getting SUPER close and I'm feeling that these MUST make an appearance. Juliana's getting a dress up box anyway and now loves Princess Leia. Xander is already getting a Storm Trooper helmet. It would only be right to have something Jedi also. I wish lightsabers weren't so expensive!


  1. I think if you get a t-shirt that's extra big for him, like a boy's size 14-16 or something, you could cut it up the middle, cut a strip out to make belt loops and to make it skinnier, and then you could just fold over the edges and sew them. Or since it's jersey, you wouldn't even HAVE to sew them.

    Leia I have no idea because I can't even think of what her outfit looks like off the top of my head, but you could probably do something similar with a white t-shirt I'm thinking.

    Leia's little bun thingies you could make out of felt then glue them to a headband.

  2. PS your blog still hates me, or maybe my computer just hates you, I had to try about six times to get the above comment to post *Sigh*


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