Friday, December 31, 2010

Remember those goals?

So yesterday, I posted my big picture goals. Today, I took the first step. I'm taking a class on accomplishing "Dreams." And I decided that I can start small.

The first goal I'd like to accomplish is to Master My Camera. I want to know everything about it. How to use what settings when so that when I go out and take pics, I KNOW what I'm doing.

I'm taking a photography class through HP (for free!) and that will help with the big things, but I'm starting even SMALLER today. One by one, setting by setting, I WILL learn my camera!! I'll post pics of my studies and stuff too! Please feel free to join in if this is something you'd like to do!!

Starting today, we will study  "Aperture Priority AE." Whatever that means! Tell me if you do! Any links to helpful tuts? I will start with the manual and the book I need to get back to Vanessa C! :D


  1. Im going to have fun looking a this blog! I followed the link from your YW email.

    Here's a blog about photography I thought you might like

  2. LOVE your goal of learning everything there is to know about your camera. Since you and I have the same one.... when you learn everything about it... you can teach me! :D

  3. Thanks so much for the link, Connie!!!

    And Myn- always, though so far I'm finding the auto has been just as good as changing the aperature one way or the other.


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