Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Holiday

Many of you already know this, but I choose a holiday every year and work on decor for it all year long. This allows me to have time for big projects, scour thrift stores and garage sales, and take advantage of after-holiday sales.

The first year I tried this, I worked on Halloween. I made some very cute things! My favorite was my SPOOKY Halloween Banner

I was also pretty darn proud of my Cupcake Cupboard Door Art

And most definitely my wreath- although the wreath is EXTRA special because I made it with a friend. Funny how creating something together can form bonds and make an item even more meaningful than it was before.
Those were the highlights of the handcrafted items, though I also made an afghan. On top of the big projects, I had the best surprise from Lori at Goody Goody Gumdrops. She sent me a print of some Halloween art that she had done. It looked fantastic on my wall.
I also collected little things here and there through the year. But that was 2009.

In 2010, I focused on The Fourth Of July.
I made some very  cute things. Like, my new obsession, a banner:
I also had some art projects for the 4th

And I've been working on an afghan that is not finished. Why isn't it finished, you ask? Because I cannot for the LIFE of me find the blue and white yarn!!!!!!!!! I have it around here SOMEwhere. I was hoping that putting away Christmas stuff would help me find it, but so far, nada. I did make a tie wreath, though. That I put out for like 2 weeks. Now it's faded.

To be honest, I'm feeling a bit of a let down after not getting a LOT of things done that I wanted. I wanted to make these cute fireworks, like my friend Jeanette over at Keep Me In Stitches has:

Aren't those cute? I also wanted to make some fun pinwheels and red white and blue balls, but I had many, many a craft fail in 2010! I'm hoping to pull double duty this year and make some things both 4th of July and this year's holiday.....


I have lots of ideas in mind. Things I've been hiding away in a file. I hope I can remember where I found all these!

This is my all time favorite Easter decoration I've ever seen, from Make It and Love It. Now there is OOOONE Teeny tiny problem with this decoration that I"m in love with. Say it again with me, "Robyn doesn't sew." *sigh* We'll figure SOMEthing out. It may end up being made of paper, but by golly, I will HAVE this banner!!
I've also been trying to convince my friend Jeanette to make me a mini quilt like this one she made:
 But she thinks I need to learn to make one. Me+Sewing Machine= Tears

It can be found at The Hand Me House. Beautiful, huh?
I've had an idea of which afghan I wanted to make for Easter, but I'm wondering if it's really what I want to do. It will be LOTS of work.... and not in straight lines.

The pattern is free at Lion Brand Yarn. It's called the Park Slope Afghan. What do you think?
Any ideas to must have Easter Crafts, please PLEASE share!!!


  1. The only reason you plus sewing machine equals tears is because you don't have ME there with you =0) I'm serious, we can get you sewing!

  2. Hey, I know you're the crafting queen, but try this link: Decorations. Or you could always go with the 'ol standby and check out Martha Stewart...You're the best and I love your idea. I'm going to work on a theme for the year too. Thanx for your inspiration. I think I'll choose Easter too and we can work on it together. Hugs and Luvs, Andi


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