Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Sanity Project

I'll start w/ a pic to get your attention. You realize I'll be doing this a lot more often since I"m not cool enough to be like those amazing blogs people actually love and read

You all know I love my kids, right? Yesterday we had dancing time and they even got to go play outside (YAY for nice weather). But then hubby called and informed me he has to work in the "other" office the rest of the week. The other office is 45 min a way instead of 5, so that's an extra 2 hrs every day. So I made plans to go to my mom's and sew today, then my cousin is going to hang out tomorrow, then I'll have the car Thursday and everything's kosher.

Well, then hubby came home and further informed that not only does he have to work at the other office, they also want him working 1-3 LONGER each day. YAY for the paycheck, but then a little bit of panic set in. Xanderman had been whiney, Juliana's going through this bizarre stage of I-don't-know-what and Vaughn, well, Vaughn's just 2.  After that bit of news and an especially rough day (we all have 'em now and then!) I was not in the best mood. Which I was called out on.

Then hubby came to the rescue with a pizza. Family Home Evening was certainly not formal, just a discussion on the table about gratitude. Once kids were in bed and we had our studying done, we watched Veronica Mars- which cheers me up in seconds!!

I'm here to ask for ideas on things I can do w/ my kids this week that don't take ALL my time- since there is regular 'ol housework to do, laundry to finish folding (Yay for netflix!), and naps to be taken. But I want to not be grumpy at my kids.

That being said, I need ideas that don't need a Cricket or Vinyl or a Sewing Machine. :D

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  1. Maybe you could start on some valentines with the kids, I know mine are itching to start (after we finish birthdays of course), or have and art show (paint all day and display it from yarn in your living room), or build stuff with marshmallows and toothpicks. I had a long summer with terrible weather and 3 kids at home, so I had to be creative. That stuff doesn't make too much mess and it's surprisingly time consuming. Let me know how things turn out.



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