Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whoo Are You- January 2

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1. Do you use an alarm clock or some device to wake you up, or do you wake up on your own
I have kids. Is there another kind of alarm clock?
2. If you could go on any game show, which one would you choose?
Wheel of Fortune. :D But knowing me, I'd extra suck from the pressure.
3. Do you prefer the weather to be hot or cold?
HOT!!!! I love love love summer and absolutely hate winter. Tell me again why I live in Utah?
4.What color of clothing do you wear the most?
I love color, but I have noticed I wear lots of brown and orange. And purple.
5. What is your favorite color?
It's actually a color combo:


  1. hahaha they do make the best alarm clocks! I love your colors very poppy!!

  2. I always say I sleep hard in the mornings now because someday my kids will take that away from me. My husband thinks I'm ridiculous!

  3. sounds like you need to come to California ;-)

  4. Kids are the GREATEST alarm clock. There is no way you can hit the snooze. LOL. Kidding.

    I bet you will do great on Wheel of Fortune.

  5. lol I have the same type of alarm. Wish there was some way to reset them sometimes!

  6. what part of the central valley are you from? i am in los banos

  7. I don't know if they still play together 'cuz I don't follow the football....but there are still lots of fb games happening! I've only been there 7 months, I am from the Morgan Hill/Gilroy area. good to meet a fellow "valley girl"!


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