Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unintentional Sabbatical

I haven't really been gone for this long. I have two or three saved drafts on my blogger waiting to be published. Reasons they didn't get posted? Not good ones.

Oh hey look, be distracted by a picture:

Which picture do you like better? I am trying to find the popular style. :D

I want to start a weekly FRIDAY FINISH IT link party. And I had my first one all ready- cept for the pictures. Now let me explain. My camera is a great camera. It takes wonderful pictures, considering the low budget of it. It just has ONE tiny itty bitty problem. The battery latch is broken. Which means that it is being held together by rubber bands. We couldn't afford a new one for Christmas, so my sweet hubby bought me a bag of colored rubber bands, lol. Anyway. to take the memory card in and out is literally a pain.

Here are a couple more pics,

Which of THESE two do you like better? And do you prefer these bright colors, or the faded ones from the first set?
Anyway, today the search begins for the cord that lets me hook my camera up to my computer so I don't even have to mess with the rubber band. Hubby says we used to have it but it didn't work well. I don't remember that so much. But then again, there's a lot I don't remember till I'm reminded.
How about these?


Which of these two? I promise these are the last comparison ones. Inquiring minds NEED to know. And out of ALL the pics, which was your favorite? If you respond to these questions, I'll change 5 of your pics to your desired style for you! Make sure your comment has a way to reach you- whether it's an e-mail address or link to your blog or whatever. 

So, speaking of memories that you don't remember until they are brought up- Roger and I were talking the other day about high school and how he had all these AP classes. It got me to thinking- my parents expected me to have A's and B's as much as possible. I know our school had AP classes, so why wasn't I in any of them? Why didn't I even TRY to be in any of them? Why didn't my parents make me? So I asked my mom.
Hey look at this!

Xander refuses to look at me if the tv is on.

So, I asked my mom yesterday why I wasn't in any of the AP classes and she reminded me that they pulled me out of Spanish III. I wish I could remember why! Actually, no, no I don't wish. I had to have been PRETTY miserable. My mom said that out of the 8 kids, I was the only one they ever let drop a class. And it was just that ONE class. I remember I went to yearbook instead. And it was my sophomore year. The ironic thing? I LOVE the Spanish language. It had to have been socially, which is why I don't know that I want to remember. Oy, the torture!

This isn't torture!

Isn't she adorable? This was New Years Eve. She was modeling one of the hair flowers we made. Which I'd like to do a post about.

Thanks for sticking with me this whole post. It feels good to post again. More coming soon, I promise. As soon as I get my head on straight.... or at least a little straighter.

Tomorrow will be the FIRST Friday Finish It! Don't miss it! Be ready to link up!!!!!!! 


  1. I like the first one of each set best also. I do like the bright ones though, they make him look so angelic. :)


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