Thursday, January 13, 2011

Friday FINISH it!

Here's where you show off what you finished this week. It could be a new recipe, a project you started 5 years ago, a mini-project, a step in a program, a weekly update on a class, an art journal page, whatever you are excited to share that you accomplished. Leave a link to your blog in the comments, then hop around and see what everyone else did!!

It could be more than one link, or just one. It's so your call.

This week, I finished:

7 Pennant Banners

4 Fabric Boxes for my Bookcase

See, I was going to do a tutorial for these, but I'm not really happy with the way they turned out. Sure, they look great ON my shelf, but individually, not so much....

A bunch of hair pretties
We did these for Young Womens on Tuesday, but there will be a separate post about hair pretties later.

A gift for a friend:

And a desktop background:

I know this week seems like I did a TON- I did. But this is not normal. Normally I'm lucky to get one thing finished. Hence the weekly post, to push it a little!


  1. I have to decide what to finish today... are you going to do a tutorial on the hair pretties?

  2. I linked up the only thing I finished last week. It was a pretty epic failure.


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