Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloomin Happy!!

So this morning, I got to work rightaway! I cleaned my living room, loaded the dishwasher, showered, got dressed, and got all my kids dressed too!
Then I worked on THIS for you!

You can download them HERE- and I'm curious- here on the blog, when you click the link, does the download start automatically or does it take you to the folder of downloads? Please leave a comment letting me know which. :D

Right now I'm crazy beside myself waiting for my critiques from round 1 of the Designer Darling contest. They had a voting thing on the blog (hence the Vote! Vote! Vote! post of yesterday) and as of right now, I have 14 votes. That's 7.57% of the votes. Now, the votes only play a small role in the judges decisions, but still. I'm one of THOSE people who needs validation.


  1. It opens a new window and then gives you the option to open or save. :) Thanks for the cute stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed that your kit wins!

  2. I don't know if you changed it, but on my computer it automatically starts downloading.


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