Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

So, I'm dying to know! What did you make for Christmas? What went over the best? I want links to pictures. I can finally post mine, hooray!!
Want to see pics of some of my homemade holiday? Here ya go!!

This year was pretty much a Star Wars Christmas. For hubby, I found some Star Wars Pancake Molds from Williams Sonoma. We got the ones shaped like Yoda, Darth, and a Storm Trooper. Our family eats pancakes for dinner pretty much every Tuesday night. But I could leave well enough alone, so I had to do an apron for him. My mom sewed the apron, but I drew the picture. In case you're wondering, it's supposed to be Yoda. In case you want the graphic, I'll put it here on the blog. Didn't my mom do awesome? I really wanted the Darth Vadar spatula, too, but couldn't afford it. You'll get pics of him wearing the apron and using the molds tomorrow.

Next up, we have Jedi Bryan. Xander has a build a bear. Named Bryan. I decided Bryan and Xander needed matching Jedi Robes. I got Bryan's done, but not Xander's. Sad, huh?

Juliana got a build a bear monkey for Christmas and with it, a Princess Leia outfit.
 This is the headband the Monkey is wearing. It's supposed to be for Juliana. I'll take a pic of her wearing it manana.

I also made some costumes, but the pics are better on.
Oh yeah, then there was my BIG project. I saw this post on Filth Wizardry a few months ago and KNEW I wanted to make it. So I did. It took forever. But I love it!!!
Darth and R2D2 are missing because I needed a friend to do the clay part for me. Pics of them to come later because the Darth Vadar helmet is INCREDIBLE!!!!
Here is another pic next to a regular sized lotion bottle, just so you can see how tiny these things are.

Crazy, huh?!?!

Anyway- now I wanna see what YOU made!!!!


  1. They are awesome!!!!
    Loads of stuff I've made over on my blog:
    Leigh xx

  2. Cute! I didn't make anything, but I love yours. Especially the apron, very cute.

    I love those Star Wars pancake molds - although it's taken a while to get the hang of using them properly. Your build-a-bear Jedi accessories are just priceless - and I LOVE your Yoda doodle!

    If you ever need SW-bday invites or Valentines, I've got some free on my blog ( - just click on the side link for Star Wars and any fan stuff I've done will come up. Enjoy!
    :) Mags / MagsGraphics

  4. Lovely! I am definitely going to link to your version of our peg dolls soon! Very cool to see :)


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