Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Finish It

Look! I remembered! And ON Friday, no less!!

This week was INSANE!!! Not a whole lot got done on the crafty stuff for me circuit because I was so busy doing New Beginnings. For those of you who don't know, New Beginnings is a meeting we have once a year for the Young Women in our church. Normally, the Young Women's program includes girls 12-18, but this is a chance to meet the 11 year olds who are coming in that year. It also reminds the girls and their parents the purpose of the young women and to get them excited about Personal Progress. Personal Progress is a program the girls do that helps them develop a relationship with their Heavenly Father as well as learn to make and keep goals, learn life skills, and become the best they can be. You can read more about it HERE.

Anyway- USUALLY New Beginnings is a quiet little meeting. This year, I read about THIS New Beginnings Activity. So we decided to give it a shot! And since I'm crazy controlling, I made all the handouts and stuff myself.

So we had 8 rooms set up representing a Store and a Value (Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity, and Virtue). What you DON't see in these pics is that every room had a handout in it. Each girl got a shopping back and went from room to room where they listened to a very short talk on each of the values and got a handout. So it went like this:

Faith, the store was Journeys, and the handout was a shoelace with a quote that said, "With Faith in every footstep, we follow Christ the Lord"

Divine Nature, the store was Bath and Body Works, where the girls got a little bit of bath salt and a quote on there about being the Salt of the Earth.

Individual Worth, the store was Down East Basics with a Scrabble Tile Necklace (you can purchase the printable pages on my Etsy shop!) and a quote explaining what Individual Worth IS.

Knowledge, the store was Barnes and Noble, and they each got a pencil with a quote about the power of knowledge.

Choice and Accountability, the store was Best Buy. They each got a Jenny Phillips CD.

Good Works, the store was Hallmark. Each girl got a bag of blank cards so they could use them to make someone's day!

Integrity, the store was Fanzz. The handout was a wiffle ball with a quote.

Virtue was what we wanted to focus on most of all. The store was Kay Jewelers so we could talk about the importance of living a virtuous life. We focused less on jewelry and displayed a lot of wedding stuff. Pictures in front of the temple, wedding dresses, etc. Plus, a bunch of us put our wedding rings on display!

It went really well! The only downside is that it's ALL I did this week.

What'd you do?

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  1. I didn't finish anything this week or I would link up. Next week, I will link up (I may even send you a reminder e-mail, lol). I've got a bunch of last minute crafting and sewing to do before my trip.


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