Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Finish It

This has been one interesting week!!!

Monday, Monday? I don't really remember Monday all that well....... is that bad?

Tuesday, I got a special treat! My friend, Katie came over! Katie and I went to Snow College together! We were next door neighbors and had lots of fun. I don't get to see her like, ever- because she lives in Iowa and I'm here in Utah. But she and her family came out and I FINALLY got to meet her FOUR kids! I had a blast, I hope she did, too!

Wednesday, as I posted, was Roger's birthday. And my cousin came over! We bought him a cake and I asked the bakery to write "Happy Birthday" but purposely screw up the r in birthday to see if he'd notice. This was all verbal, mind you, but this is what I got:

Yup! They wrecked my fake cake wreck, lol!

What I did not post, however, was how the second half of the day went down. I got a  call from Xander's teacher. He kept dropping his pants and refusing to pick them up. Students and parents were complaining and I was told that if he did it again, they'd have to call the police. Xander is 6. In first grade. And I know that the school wasn't picking on him or singling him out, they have a set of rules they have to abide by. It's the fact that he's in first grade I have issues with. And even MORE than that, the thing that irks me most of all- is that Xander uses "I didn't take my medicine" as an excuse for his bad behavior. We've been over the subject SO many times before. Anyway- it was very hard for me to be happy and positive for the rest of Roger's birthday.

We ended up going to sushi. I can officially say- I am NOT a fan. But look, I tried it anyway!

Thursday was kid central. I had 7 children (2 were mine) and a golden retriever at my house- all at once! 4 of the kids were two years old. That was fun, lol. I had friends stop by in the morning, my parents come in the afternoon, and then a super, super fun fun Relief Society Activity in the evening! It was the Relief Society Birthday party- we had dinner, a muffin walk, pin the hat on the Relief Society President, and then we made bonnets. I came home smiling from ear to ear. DEFINITELY what I needed!!

Now for craftiness. I didn't get much done on that front this week. Just some photo editing. My amazing friend, Jamie, took a picture of her family while they were in California and asked me to play with it a little. This is what I came up with.

Which one do you like best?

What did YOU finish this week? Link up!!!


  1. Love all the pics girlie. I especially love the 3rd to last - it's so sunshin-ey. Hope your weekend goes better. Chat with ya soon.

  2. I think that it's crazy that they would call the police on a 6 year old. C'mon, he's 6! I hope the rest of your week/weekend was great. I'll finally get around to posting tomorrow, then I'll link up to Friday Finish It. Ooh, and once again, I love the kit.


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