Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This might be lame

But I'm super excited and hubby things I'm silly, so I'm posting here. So I had a double party tonight- Usborne Books and Shelf Reliance. Seriously cool companies!!

Shelf Reliance is food storage stuff. Darn tootin good stuff, as well. I'm totally getting this dehydrated yogurt... I don't even LIKE yogurt, but this Pomegranate Yogurt was SO super yummy, I'm thinking it may replace chocolate in the stress snack!! Don't get me wrong, it certainly wasn't the ONLY thing on my wishlist. I also want Bell Peppers, Spinach, Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Sausage.  I'll get you a link to my party when I know the details, but there you have my favorites.

Along with the food, we also had Usborne Books- super awesome! Now, this I DO know I have a party site and you can order from ANY state and have it shipped to you with still giving me credit for my party. So I get free books!! YAY!!! HERE is where you go to my e-party (open till next Wednesday).

My favorites there?

Yeah, it's a boxed set, but the books are great for my daughter who's learning to read, simple enough for my 2 year old to sit for, and entertaining enough for my 6 year old. It's called the Very First Reading boxed set.


Ok, so we might have a funky sense of humor, but i LOVED these books.  They talk about WHY we do those things, and how different animals do it differently. Totally hilarious AND informative!!

Also on the cute and informative side,

I think my daughter would LOVE this.

The next one, she WAS in love with and wanted to keep. It has two reading levels. One simple and one for Mommy (or older brother) to read along with.

Last, but not least, is the book I'd like to get Roger for Father's Day. Lots of big photos, lots of info, but not in an overwhelming, textbook way!

Anyway, so if you want your own (and to help a Fish out!) go HERE and order- it'll be shipped to you!!

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