Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wedding Kit Contests

So, I've been posting stuff at the Studio for a while now, but somehow, I missed that they were having this contest- till today. So, it's a 4 week contest. You use the same color scheme for each week (everyone picked different ones), and it's all about weddings, but each week is a different challenge. Like, this week was papers. We were supposed to design 12 papers. Yeah, I saw this today and it was due tonight at midnight, EST, so I decided to do it. If you do all four weeks, there's a chance to win a Bamboo. Anyway, here's mine. To download it, go HERE
Please leave a little love either here or on the Studio since dropbox doesn't count downloads. I have NO clue how many people like (or dislike) my kits!

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  1. gorgeous papers girl. I hope you win the tablet. That'd be so awesome.


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