Sunday, September 28, 2008

Finally doing something right.

Ok, twice a year, our church has General conference. once a year, the weekend before conference, there is a Relief Society General Broadcast for all women 18+. Well, that once a year was last night. I had to take Vaughn with me, but my sweet friend Stacey (who is as gorgeous as all get-out!) saved me a spot. Well, not long after the first speaker started, he needed to go out. Going out turned into a good thing. I was able to concentrate a LOT better just listening to the speakers than sitting in the freezing chapel watching them. I get distracted that way. SO..... we were sitting in the foyer, Vaughn and I, when the rest hymn started. It was "Now Let Us Rejoice." For some reason, while singing that song, I was looking at Vaughn and I just kind of got freaked. Here was this tiny perfect child who was so wonderful and full of light and what if I'm not prepared enough to provide for my family when these inevitable last days come? I had three children that there was no way I could choose between if it came to choosing who should eat a last meal. I know that sounds absolutely and horribly terrible, but it was what I was thinking. I was in tears, of course because I felt like I had already failed my family. Then, after the song, President Uchtdorf spoke. WOW- did he speak directly to me, or what? You can listen to his talk here. It brought me SO much comfort and I was even happy after. If you haven't listened to it yet, you're probably wondering what in the world this has to do with crafts. WELL, he talked about happiness, esp Godly happiness. In the talk, he mentioned how important it is to create- whether it be creating delicious meals, creating a clean environment, or creating whatever else. I, of course, thought about crocheting. He said that it's important to be able to make something out of unorganized matter. It helps us realize our worth and importance. I'm sure there is a deeper, more spiritual meaning than the level words, but still. I feel like it gave me some validity. That I'm not just burning time, but that I am doing something worthwile. You really should listen to it. It's VERY uplifting. I can't wait till General Conference next week!!!!

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