Monday, September 22, 2008

Told You So! Oh, and a challenge.

Aaaaalrighty!  Here are the pic updates. I've been to a couple CTMH parties that have made me want to play w/ paper SOOO bad, but not enough to actually scrap. So I made cards. And I'm having a TON of fun doing it!

Also, I finished this baseball bat (with baseballs) for Gavin. Yes, I'm aware that one baseball is bigger than the other. Same hook, same yarn, different stress levels.


I can't wait to start a few more projects soon. Christmas has been fun!

PLEASE do a challenge with me, please, please, please. Here's the challenge. Go through your digiscrap stash (if you don't have one, go to shabby princess and download one). Pick TWO things - paper, embellishments, brushes... whatever- that you've admired for a long time and USE them! I don't care if you make a scrapbook page, a digital note paper, a flyer, whatever. Just use them! :D Post links here!

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