Friday, September 5, 2008

New Toys, Toys in Progress, and Sneaky Bread

First we'll start off with the bread. Today I was dead set on making French Dip Sandwiches for dinner. They sounded SOOO good. What do you need for French Dip?  French Rolls, Au Jus dip mix, onions, and roast beef. So I go to the store for the ingredients and I grab bread that looks like this:

Yes, it looks like French Rolls. I come home, make dinner and go to cut the rolls. They're not light and fluffy in the middle w/ a crispy exterior. No, no. I look at the label and they're PORTUGUESE ROLLS> What the crap are Portuguese rolls? Never heard of them in my entire dang life and they are VERY misleading on the top. THEY LOOK LIKE FRENCH ROLLS. And they're not flavorful like French rolls. They're heavy, dense, and not very good for French dip sandwiches. Maybe if you're making Portuguese Dip sandwiches, but who's ever seen THAT on a menu, eh? BEWARE of the Portuguese rolls!

Anyway. Next on the list. Remember a few posts ago I talked about wanting to change cell phone plans, but not being able to afford to cancel the old ones, then I updated in a new post later that we got a loan and part of it went to cancelling our old phones. We went from 2 AT&T/Cingular lines to 1 Cricket line. Our old phones were falling apart (literally- my screen was cracked) and couldn't be flashed to Cricket, so we got a new phone.

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!?! In high school I refuse to wear gold jewelry, but now I LOVE the color gold. I don't know why. When Roger told me which phone we got, I was giddy! Then when it came today I was in heaven. Anybody know where I can get some decent priced ring tones w/ out all the junk mail or spyware? Same with games? I need at least one good ring tone and one good game. Then my phone will officially rock.

And, since this IS technically a craft blog, I thought I'd share my craft in progress. It's my first Arugumi (Sp?). It's Scott The Bear from Lion brand yarn's website.

Oh, and one more. I also picked up one of my new favorite things and now a staple in my home:
Yes, yes it is on a shelf. In my living room.

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