Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lots of stuff!

Ok! So I've been a busy, busy bee lately!

First up: "Soft Pink Cookies"

So, my friend Holli- who is so super adorable, invited Juliana to her daughter, Emma's birthday party. In trying to decide what to do for uber-cute Emma, Kristin showed me a link to Feeling Stitchy, where she had this BEAUTIFUL set of felt cookies. Well, it inspired me to make some crochet cookies. This it the end product first- but keep reading because there is a story.

Ok, when I first started making these cookies, I started w/ a really pretty mauve color, then I used a natural fiber, kinda brownish for the outside. I was a little bummed that the frosting didn't look more frostingy, but figured they could pass as jam filled cookies. I took them with me to a Tummy Time play date and they fell out of my bag. My friend, Angie, asked what I was working on. I told her they were cookies and then I saw them.... I could NOT believe I hadn't seen it before....


Yeah, obviously I fixed it. I added the soft, fluffy, "sprinkly," yarn so it's frosting instead of jam... and less dirty. I didn't mean to, I swear!

Next Project:
I had 2 days to complete a birthday gift. It ended up taking me 3, but I made a flower scarf and I can't BELIEVE I forgot to take pics. I made 18 crochet flowers, then sewed them together with fishing line. It turned out pretty dern cute, if I do say so myself.

Also, I've joined a group on Ravelry called RAK- (Random Acts of Kindness) and I have been BEYOND blessed just this month! My awesome friend Linda from Holland sent me an entire set of crochet hooks in a beautiful zip up case. One person asked for letters for her daughter who is in Jr. High. I remember Jr. High WAY too well, so I wrote her a letter an sent her a few cute paperclips. She went OVER THE TOP and sent me this:

Can you believe it? I'm STILL in shock. We've already eaten one of the candy bars- so good! The purple yarn has beads in it. I'm trying decide whether to make a scarf or something else out if it. The white yarn is 100% cotton- I've never used that kind before, so I'm excited to try it. And the ribbon... oooh, the ribbon. GORGEOUS!!! Anyway, then you again, Sample family!!!
Also from the RAK's this month, one sweet ravelrer sent me the gold I need to make my Gryffindor scarf. Now I just need to find a pattern. I am SO excited to actually do something for me!

This week I need to make a gift for Gavin. I"m not going to post it on here till it's done, just in case his Mommy sees this post.

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