Saturday, August 1, 2009


So- my husband is being a sweetheart and letting me get a cake for my birthday (for trade, of course!). I didn't want to pick out my OWN cake, that would be silly. So I searched Flickr and I'm posting this mosiac here and on TooeleMommies to see if anybody is interested! Then they will e-mail Roger and say which kind they are interested in making. Cool, huh? So, if you think you're up to the challenge (and you're in the area). I don't necessarily want an exact replica, I want something creative. These are just cakes that made me go "oooh!" ROger's email is stinkyfishtank at yahoo dot com

(click for the big one!)

To give credit, I also have this:

1. Tam's 60's cake, 2. Shells Cake, 3. high heel cake, 4. Nicola's Christening, 5. Snapshot in Time Cake, 6. Funky pink & orange flowers cake, 7. Jewelry box cake , 8. Daisies, 9. moderne Hochzeitstorte grĂ¼n braun creme, 10. Gerber Daisy Cake, 11. Madhatter - PC Course, 12. colourful paisley cake, 13. Tangerine paisley-ish cake, 14. Paisley, 15. paisley and striped cake, 16. Paisley Dream Birthday Cake, 17. Green Paisley, 18. HB apryl, 19. Paisley Cake, 20. Paisley Birthday Cake, 21. Paisley, 22. Orange Paisley Cake, 23. Paisley K Cake, 24. Patterned minicakes

Thanks for looking and I hope we get some interest!

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