Saturday, March 15, 2008

An Apron

Ok, so after a few VERY close calls w/ acrylic paint and my pants, I decided I should cut my risk down and wear an apron. I made one when Roger and I were first married, but I could NOT find it today, so I grabbed one of DH's old ones. He used to work at a grocery store deli. Anyway, it fit great, but it was kinda ugly. SOOOOo.... I decided to make my own! I would love to have one of the emmaline aprons, but alas, I couldn't afford the pattern. And even if I could afford it, I"m not sure I'd ever have the guts to try it. Anyway, so instead I made this apron:

Please excuse the bizarre proportions. 1. I'm pregnant and showing and 2. My husband didn't bother standing up to take the picture, so it's at an odd angle.

Also, anybody know how to clean out acrylic paint from sinks? Mine is nasty! It looks like this:

It's as sanitary as sanitary gets- I tried scrubbing w/ vinegar. But even that hasn't TOUCHED the acrylic paint I've used. And I know I'll add more to it. So do I just let it be a gross looking sink or is there a secret to cleaning it off?

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