Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ebroidery and the ER

So I finished the embroidery part of the piece I"m making for the wedding gift. I did re-do the letters (and in doing so tore the fabric, but there wasn't enough time to start over so I patched it as best as possible). I finished the last half of the words last night in the ER.

So here's the story: We put the kids to bed about 8:00/8:15ish and Juliana fell out of bed. Now, her bed is a toddler bed, about 1' off the ground, so super low. We have hardwood floors, but she has this huge rug on her floor. She's fallen off lots of times, usually, gets up w/out a fuss and goes back to bed. Last night, however, she cried BAD. I just figured it was because she didn't want to go to bed. Anyway, we put her back to bed, and I had to run an errand. So I left.

When I came back, she was on Daddy's lap downstairs. He said, "Every time I lay her down she screams and wakes up, even if she was out cold." So I thought for a while.... it must be her ears, right? That's what wakes kids up at night. Well, she was on Daddy's lap on the couch and I came to the computer. She decided she wanted to sit on my lap, so she came over and I picked her up under her armpits to lift her to my lap. She SCREAMED. I thought, now THAT is odd. So we asked her about all her possible owies. Do your ears hurt? no. throat? no (unless you pointed to it on the left side) back? no tummy? no. So we narrowed it down to throat and figured she must be achy. Our friends left and I went and joined Daddy on the couch. Juliana stayed awake the whole time, being totally good unless you lifted her up or raised her left arm. We finally found a tender spot between her neck and shoulder.

Thinking we'd leave it to the next day and just watch it, we decided to go to bed. We told her that she could sleep in our room (we have a matress on the floor for just such occasions). While Daddy made her bed, she layed on ours. I looked at her and she was trying to sit up, but after an effort, cried out in pain and layed back down. I knew something was wrong. So I took her to the ER.

We got there about midnight. They got us back into our room quickly, but there were bigger emergencies (like a finger stuck in SOMEthing that they'd been trying to free for hours). Juliana was SO patient. She was as goofy as all getout due to being tired. I, luckily, had my embroidery with me. Apparently, at 1 AM, watching the needle come up from the back of the fabric to the front is HILARIOUS. Finally, we got to see the Dr (who apologized profusely for being so busy). He had us do X-Rays (which she was SO good during, esp since I couldn't be next to her). She finally fell asleep after X-Rays. Sure enough, her collarbone was broken. They can't do much for that. I finished my embroidery while waiting for our paperwork to come back. We got home at 3:30AM

Tonight I'll be washing it and putting it together so it'll look nice, but here's the embroidery part. I hope my 2AM work cuts the mustard.

in front of the G is where the fabric tore.


I still have to french knot the i in goodnight, that's all I didn't have done.

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