Saturday, March 22, 2008

An Easter Dream Come True

Ok, so I've had a BLAST doing all the Easter stuff for my kids! I made Cascarones (although we aren't going to crack 'em on people's heads, we're going to use them more as poppers to crack on the ground)

Cascarones Set #1


Set #2


Set #3


Set #4

I had blown the eggs out to fill w/ chocolate, but couldn't figure out how to get the vinegar water inside them to sanitize. So instead I painted them, filled them w/ confetti and split peas (for noise), then sealed the hole w/ hot glue. (I have full pics if you need them)

Tonight I SCORED on freecycle. I got a box of 38 vintage disney books! They're GORGEOUS. I'm not sharing w/ my kids anytime soon!

Last night I got a lot done. In 2 hrs I cut out 2 aprons for my kids (they'll get 'em in the middle of the week sometime), started an embroidery project (my son's drawing of him and grandpa), and painted the rest of the cascarones. I felt like I got SO much done!!

I'm certainly ready for Easter. Here's what my kids'll be getting


Thank you so much for those who have been asking about Juliana. Here's her in her sling (from a hunt on Friday)

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