Friday, March 28, 2008

Tutorial Friday: Makeshift Ribbon

Ok, I don't have a guest crafter this week. *sniff* SOoo.... I did a tute myself. I thought today about things I use often, love to do, and could actually explain! I decided to show you how I make ribbon when I don't have time or money to go buy any, or if I just can't find the "RIGHT" ribbon to go with a project.

What you'll need:
Material (make sure it's at least the LENGTH you want your "ribbon" to end up and at least twice as wide)
Sewing Machine

FIRST: Pick your material and cut ROUGHLY to size. The fabric I grabbed happened to be a good length and width. I didn't have to cut it at all (this time)

Next, if you're a perfectionist, measure how wide you want your ribbon to be, then pin the the material into thirds (right side out) and iron down

Iron down the other "third"

Now, sew them down. Here's the beauty! I sewed mine straight down the middle in a zig zag. You could get cutesey and sew straight stitches down each edge.

Alright, here are some ones I've finished (this included). On one I've added ACTUAL ribbon (I needed a wider ribbon for that project, so I used old khakis as the "makeshift" ribbon. Another I covered my sloppy middle stitches w/ fiber (again, I needed wider ribbon for the project)


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