Friday, March 14, 2008

orange, pink, and green

I set out to make a bookmark tonight, since I started a new book. The book is called "A Murderous Yarn." It's by Monica Ferris. I'm only 5 pages in, but it looks cute. Apparently she has a series of "Needlecraft Mysteries." Anyway, I read a lot and every time I read a book I think to myself, "You really should make yourself a bookmark." Somehow, I never do. Tonight, I figured, would be different. So I picked my colors and cut my bookpage. After I painted the bookmark, however, I got carried away w/ the paints and made a bunch of things! This is what happened!

Ok, here's the bookmark, on the left. Not sure how I feel about the paint/stamp letters. But I'd been itching to try to use stamps w/ my paints, so I'm glad I did.

The one on the right is a card. I got SO lucky to actually happen to have the Bazzil cardstock that matched my acrylic paints. Makes me want more!
The "find peace within" stamp was a last minute addition. I think I like it.


This one was just goofing off. It's like 2"x4" or something like that. Don't know what I'm going to use it for yet.


This is just some artwork I did. I was wondering if I was capable. I think if I practice it might end up kinda cute next time!

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