Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Inspired by Kristin

Ok, so you all know I talk about Reclaiming the Home all the time, but Kristin has really inspired me. Not just by sending me TWO boxes of delicious goodies, but in more ways than I can describe. So tonight's post is dedicated to the inspiration of Kristin. I hope you're having fun at RENT!!!

Ok, first up, If you look at Kristin's blog, you'll see this incredible card she made w/ an owl on it. She sent me that card, yeah, LUCKY me, it should be framed and the book she used to make it so that I could experiment w/ book paper. Here is my first product.

Next, these two chalkboards are inspired by the one Kristin did for her girls' room. I have almost a dozen of these little chalkboards, so it was nice to know what I can do with them. I hope you love it, Jeanette

And one more thing. Just one more. Kristin and I were talking about Kielbasa and Italian Sausage. I hadn't ever paid attention to packaging. Anyway, just to clarify WHY I was confused, when I saw this at Wal-Mart I had to take a pic. Maybe I won't seem such the idiot anymore and instead just seem pregnant. :D

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