Wednesday, March 26, 2008

In a Rut means a challenge

Ok, I've been in a little bit of a creative rut the last day or so. Yesterday I made two cards, but I just don't know if I really like them or not. The other day I cut out aprons for both my kids, but I haven't felt like finishing them yet. I should just do it. It'll only take me a couple hours to do both of 'em.

I think part of it is that I got these gorgeous Disney books and have thought of some cute quotes to go w/ some of the pics, but just don't know how to go about DOING it.

SOOOOOO..... I think I need a challenge!! Let's do a Disney Challenge. I want to see all crafts Disney this week. As a matter of fact, Carla, from Thriftin and Craftin had the right idea. I don't know how to do Mr. Linky box, but I'll do a DAILY post of linkbacks to those who leave comments here and want people to see their challenge pieces. This challenge will last for, let's say one week and we'll go from there. If I'm still getting responses, we'll extend it.

Thanks for playing!

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