Saturday, April 5, 2008

Disney Post

Ok, you have no idea how excited I am. I know on my schedule that I had a felt mail set on there. Well, sometimes I just don't want to work with felt. Well, I saw this set on Write, Mama

I thought, you know, I really, REALLY like the velcro idea. Our problem? We didn't have any postcards lyin around, I'm not so cute w/ just prints, they turn out sloppy. SO, I just started looking for random clipart to inspire me. I stumbled across DisneyClips. That changed EVERYTHING. Not only did they have free Disney clipart, they've got a sister site, Disney's World of Wonders which gave me some amazing ideas: headstarted my stamps and the idea of note cards. See, on Write, mama's how she has the words on the card? I decided to have interchangable words, inspired by WoW's lunch notes. I just got really excited. I still haven't bought the mailbox (or mailboxes, depending if I decide my kids should share or not). I have a friend who has some small UPS boxes that will go great with the set. I also have a brother who works for USPS and has some old shirts that I'm going to turn into either shirts, aprons, or something for the kids, so they can be mailpeople! I'm even STORING the stuff in get this, a Priority Box!

So, without further ado, I present to you, the DISNEY (this goes for my challenge too) MAIL SET

Let's break it down for you


these are the note cards (the ones w/ pink borders came straight from WoW's)


These are the stamps. The "princess" ones were originally stickers at WoW's, but I resized them on PSE, then added the stamp border.

Anyway, I'm So super duper excited about this, I hope my kids have as much fun using it as I did making it. It'll be torture putting it away till Christmas!!

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