Thursday, April 3, 2008


Ok, I am BOUND and determined to learn how to crotchet. PERIOD. I got tired of waiting to be taught, so I went to the library. I checked out three books:

Crocheting for Dummies by Karen Manthey and Susan Brittain
Stitch N B*tch crochety The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller
Getting Started Crotchet by Judith L. Swartz

It's taken me all three books to learn the basic single stitch. Can I tell you that I was in tears because I couldn't figure out HOW in the world all my stuff ended up triangular. Then there was one sentence in Getting STarted that SAVED my sanity. It was, and I quote, "Don't forget to add one turning chain at the beginning of each new row of single crochet." I even called my mom to tell her, since I'd called her just before so frustrated with it all. I really, REALLY want to just JUMP into these projects, but I know I'm not there yet at ALL! I still have every stitch to learn besides the single crochet stitch.

Here's one of my practice swatches


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