Monday, April 28, 2008

So I realized.....

That the "baby blanket" I started for Vaughn seemed to be taking FOREVER for each row. I didn't understand how a baby blanket could take so long. Then I realized- it's as wide as a twin sized blanket. Yeah, so I think I"m going to put it aside and make a different one for him. I've got some pretty white and some of the color changing blue. We'll do a baby blanket with those instead. Then I'll have a family blanket to work with, I suppose. Or maybe a wrap. I guess we'll see.

Also today, I started gardening. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Last of all for right now, I found this link thanks to the girls at Mormonchic, and I'm so excited that there are service things that I can do while I'm at home w/ my kids. I feel bad not being able to go out and help people much since my kids aren't quite old enough to understand, but this way, i can.,7989,1325--9-1100,00.html

I also might start doing some lap blankets for nursing homes. My kids can help pick out colors.

how do you teach your kids to do service?

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