Monday, April 21, 2008

Slacker here and slacker there

Ok, so todays post is mostly about WIPs, since I just realized I have a million of them.

rattle/block (just needs a stitch on one side)
Snow white out fit (to repair)
Juliana's shirt (adding a strip of fabric at the bottom so you can't see her belly)
Unfinished sock monkey
Unfinished embroidered onsie
2 unfinished aprons
Pillowcase I'm embroidering for Juliana

also just found my sewing stuff from my mom's house. Apparently I've
cut out all the pieces for a cute skirt. I also have 2 barbie skirts
cut out, a pair of barbie pants that I quit partway through because
they're hideous.

Barbie clothes have been my focus lately. Last night I found two MORE parshally finished Barbie things in that stuff. My goal today is to finish one of them, and hopefully to repair the dress and finsh the apron

Biggest thing today, however, is the cake I'm making. DH and I baked the actual cakes last night, but we're decorating it  to look like a big hamburger, kinda like this:
but we'll be using toffee bits on the top. Not sure what I'll use for pickles yet, I was thinkin' kiwi.... Anyway, we still have to decorate it, but the cakes themselves are ready to go!

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