Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have a problem

Two actually, one, is that the cake picture is on Roger's phone and I can't get it till he gets home.

Two.... I can't make stuff for my own home. I just can't! For example, I made a rice pack. Had no idea what to do w/ it. I finally had my hubby put it in the kitchen in a drawer, but it caused so much stress figuring out where it "goes." Then I made a throw pillow for my living room. And I hate it. Why? I don't know! Maybe because I end up picking it up off the floor so often. Or maybe because the color's not as perfect of a match as I thought, or maybe because there's no matching pillow, just the one.... Do you know how many cute sayings I've seen on pillows that I'd like to cross stitch? But I can't, because "WHERE WOULD I PUT IT" (duh, oh the couch, but still it's the concept that's hard). I even have some fabric that will make perfect pillows for our bed, but same problem. That and they use so much dang stuffing! I can't bring myself to make a cozy for my kitchenaid, or my toaster, or anything, because when I'm using the appliance, what do you do with it? I really should. It may end up being the only "decor" I have in there. I don't even have CURTAINS hung (I have the curtains, just no rods).

So, any suggestions on how to get over my problems?

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