Friday, April 11, 2008

Tutorial Friday: Felt Decoratable Cake

Ok, so I got this idea from Twinkle Cakes, which look WAY more professional, but unfortunately are too expensive for me. It would be SO nice not to have to do any of the work and to feel that soft wool felt vs. my cheap acrylic felt. But then again, if I had one of those, I might not let my kids play with it, which is what I want them for. My kids are constantly smushing all their playdough together to "make a cake," so I thought, why the heck not make them a cake?

First I started with three Styrofoam circles, at varying sizes. When I went to buy mine, I went to Michael's first. The smallest one was  $2.49 I about died! Then I went to Walmart and got the same size (i think) for $.97. So I recommend going to WalMart or the dollar store first!

Next I cut and measured the felt so that I had one for the top and bottom of each circle and one to go around the sides

I then pinned the felt in place

That's when the sewing started. It's all by hand, but I pretty much made a slipcover for each of the circles. I think I used a whip-stitch.


Once all three were covered, I hot glued them together

Last step: I cut out a bunch of felt circles to use as decor. If I could've found bigger styrofoam, I'd have made a bigger cake and had way more fun w/ my designs, but this cake is really small. I tried using Sizzix to cut a few shapes and it worked, but you have to go over it SO many extra times that it's not fun.
ANyway, then I let my kids test it.

Can't wait to see yours!

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